Gao Yingjie (高英杰) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 8. He is a member of Tiny Herb and the future successor of Vaccaria. He currently uses the account Kind Tree.


As noted by Plantago Seed, he is a shy and thin youth.[1]


Gao Yingjie is naturally kind youth. Even while his best friend, Qiao Yifan, was being excluded in Tiny Herb, he would make an effort to spend time with him. For example, he would ask Qiao Yifan to train with him when no one else would.[2]

As the successor of Vaccaria, Gao Yingjie is a respected member of Tiny Herb. Despite this position, he is introverted and honest. When he and a team of Tiny Herb members were wiped out by Ye Xiu in the 10th Server, he did not make an excuse, unlike Zhou Yebai and Xiao Yun.[3] He is extremely modest. At the Season 8 All-Star Weekend, Yingjie is quiet when he challenges Wang Jiexi to a duel.[4] Going along with his honest nature, he felt guilty after beating his captain, Wang Jiexi, in the Rookie Challenge Competition.[5]


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