Fang Rui (方锐) is an Esports player of Glory. He is the former vice-captain of Wind Howl. He left Wind Howl due to conflict with Zhao Yuzhe and Tang Hao not adapting to the Criminal Combination.[1] After the 9th Season, he transfers to Happy and became the vice-captain after Season 10. He is the user of the Qi Master account, Boundless Sea, and is a member of the Chinese Glory Team.



Like other members of Happy, Fang Rui displays tremendous persistence. When he first arrived at the Happy Internet Cafe, he spent 3 hours fighting Ye Xiu. He became so focused while dueling Ye Xiu and the rest of Team Happy that he forgets about eating.[2][3]

He can also be super competitive to the point where he will request rematches against opponents by text messaging them.[4]


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