Fang Rui (方锐) is an eSports player of Glory. He is the former vice-captain of Wind Howl. He left Wind Howl due to conflict with Zhao Yuzhe and Tang Hao not adapting to the Criminal Combination.[1] After the 9th Season, he transfers to Happy and became the vice-captain after Season 10. He is the user of the Qi Master account, Boundless Sea, and is a member of the Chinese Glory Team.



Like other members of Happy, Fang Rui displays tremendous persistence. When he first arrived at the Happy Internet Cafe, he spent 3 hours fighting Ye Xiu. He became so focused while dueling Ye Xiu that he forgets about eating.

He can also be super competitive to the point where he will request rematches against opponents by text messaging them.[2]


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