A Priest sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20.

They possess paper Talismans which are used to store and release a skill swiftly. However, if a Talisman is damaged before the skill activates the skill will be interrupted.[1]

The other unique feature of the class is their ability to throw out their weapon via the skill Spirit Guidance; this can be combined with Talismans for a variety of attacks. The Talisman can be attached before or after activating Spirit Guidance, though the latter takes significant skill; pro players attach Talismans at the last second before the Scythe is sent out to give their opponents less time to plan a response.

After the level 75 update, it is said that Exorcist is the only class that is able to fully counter the Unspecialized, due to its level 75 ability Seal Talisman which can seal any piece of Equipment, including the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.




Level Skill Name Description
Rising Emblem A knock-up skill that causes Magic damage to all players inside this skill.[2]
Hook A scythe attack that reaches out to grab the opponent.
20 Star Fall The user tosses up their weapon which then turns into a falling star, smashing into the ground, thus creating a small earthquake.[3]
Spirit Guidance The user is able to throw their weapon. A weapon thrown with "Spirit Guidance" wouldn't be considered as dropping it. Others wouldn't be able to pick it up. On the other hand, the Exorcist could grab the weapon back from afar. Many Exorcist skills could be utilized along with "Spirit Guidance".[4]
Speed Talisman A movement skill.
Lightning Talisman A Talisman that releases an AoE lightning attack; can be used with Spirit Guidance to target a certain location.[4]
Ice Talisman Causes a ring of ice to spread out from the point of attack; can be used with Spirirt Guidance to affect the spot where the Scythe has been sent.
Flying Meteorite As the name describes this attack uses a Talisman to summon a Meteorite from the sky.
75 Seal Talisman Places a talisman on one of the target's equipment. If the talisman latches, the target's equipment cannot be used for 1 minute. Any additional stats gained from the equipment is also deducted. It has a long cooldown of 7 minutes.[5][6]
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Notable Users

Tian Sen

Guo Ming Yu

Gai Caijie

Lu Liang

Notable Accounts

Peaceful Hermit

Blue Exorcist


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