Everlasting (无极, Wújí) was an eSports team of the Glory Professional Alliance that debuted in Season 5.


They first entered the league in Season 5. They were a bottom-tier team, with 15th place being their best placing before getting relegated in Season 7. They lost to Time in the Season 8 Challengers League Finals.[1] During Season 9, they met Happy in the second round of the online stage of the Challengers League and lost. Afterwards, the team disbanded and the players leave to join other teams.

Former Roster

Name Class Account Team Position
Wu Chen Launcher Dawn Rifle Captain
Sharpshooter Shoot Here Main Roster
Warlock Leopold Main Roster
Qi Master Heavenly Rage Main Roster
Elementalist Main Roster
He An Spellblade Go Forth Main Roster


Name Previous Class Current Class Previous Account Current Account Season Previous Team New Team
Wu Chen Launcher Launcher Dawn Rifle Dawn Rifle Season 9 Everlasting Happy Guild
Yu Hongliang Spellblade Spellblade Quentinkin Season 8 Everlasting


Name Class Account Season Retirement Team Position

Team Operations

Name Team Job
He An Manager (Left)



  • He An tried to rope Ye Xiu into his team.[2]
  • Ye Xiu proposed to Wu Chen to join Happy as guild leader after their match in the second round of the online stage of the revival tournament.[3]
    • When the team lost, the remaining members decided to sell off their equipment when they decided to disband as a means to earn some money.
    • Ye Xiu pounced at the opportunity and bought all of their equipment for Happy as their equipment were trash.


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