A Mage sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. Elementalists are notable for being the only class with the ability to move while casting spells, after learning the Level 30 skill Mobile Cast.[1] This sub-class consists of no martial art skills.[2] Elementalists have low defense and low health, but high attack.[3]

Like other Elemental classes, this class has four Elemental type skills a player can learn (Fire, Ice, Light, and Dark) skills. Players usually only choose 2 of the Elements to focus on.[4]


Staff: A weapon with very high magic attack.

Wand: A weapon with a fast cast and attack speed.[5]




Level Skill Name Description
1 Elemental Power A low level (and the slowest) knock-up skill that has a long cast time.[7] It covers a large area. and has a long duration. Due to its strength, it can be destroyed.[8]
5 Electric Ring A Light Element skill that creates a ring of electricity around the target which causes damage.[9]
Flame Explosion A Fire Element that launches a ball of fire.[10]
Fire Ball A Fire Element skill that launches a ball of fire.[11]
Frost Ball An Ice Element skill that launches a ball of ice.[12]
20 Raging Flames A Fire Element skill that creates an explosive column of flames up to 3m high, which can launch the target in the air.[13] A skill with high damage and high range.[14] This skill does more burst damage than Blizzard.
20 Blizzard An Ice Element that shoots down hailstones and snow from the sky every second for a 4 second length. A skill with high damage and high range.[14] This skill does more damage than Raging Flames.[15]
30 Mobile Cast A passive skill that allows the user to move while casting spells. The drawback is that movement speed is reduced.
  • At max level, Elementalists are only able to use 50% of their movement speed while using this spell.[16]
Piercing Lightning A Light Element skill that shoots a flash of lightning in a straight line at a target.[11] It has a fast cast time and moves at a quick speed.[17]
Ice Wall An Ice Element skill that allows the user to set walls made of ice at a location. The wall can be destroyed by attacking it.[18]
Magic Shackles A silencing skill that stops the target from casting any magic-based attacks.[19]
Ice Line An Ice Element skill that creates a line of ice wherever magic is drawn past. If a player touches the line, they become instantly frozen for four seconds. It takes 3 seconds to cast the spell and it stays in effect for 12 seconds. Players are able to draw multiple Ice Lines in those 3 seconds. Drawing a Ice Line past a players body is not possible, and if it hits a player, the skill would be interrupted. The height of the skill cannot be determined by just looking at it.[20]
Dark Missile A Dark Element skill that shoots a dark projectile at a target.[21] An enemy hit by this will be spun 180 degrees immediately after taking damage. [22]
60 Teleport A Light Element skill that allows the user to warp to a location.[23]
Magic Prison A Dark Element skill that disallows the use of skills for 4 seconds. Skills cannot be used within the prison as well.[11]
60 Fire Storm A Fire Element skill that causes flames to come from the ground.[24]
70 Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire (Heavenly Lightning) A Fire and Light skill that shoots lightning from the sky and flames from the ground randomly, but with practice, can be manually controlled.
  • Players with experience most often stand still when this skill is used as they may take less damage than moving around.[25]
75 Lightning Hell A Light Element skill that has a short cast time and quick attack. It strikes the enemy bolt by bolt(up to 6 times), and the system locks on to the target once it is hit.[26]
75 Absolute Zero An Ice Element skill that has the longest freezing time out of all skills across all sub-classes. When maxed out, it freezes for up to 8 seconds.[26]
75 Fire Bird Summons a blazing fire bird that deals Fire Element damage.[22]
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Notable Users

Bai Yanfei

Dai Yanqi

Chu Yunxiu

He Ming

Jiang You

Zhao Yuzhe

Notable Accounts

Beautiful Light

Chilling Nightfall

Crowd Lover

Firebird Messenger

Merciless Magic

Ocean Ahead


Returning Cloud

Thundering Light

Wandering Peak

Windy Rain


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