Cold Night is the leader of Tyrannical Ambition on the 10th Server.



Cold Night is an aggressive player, who matches the average Tyranny supporters’ personality. Compared to other temperamental Tyrannical Ambition guild members, Cold Night is more cautious than his own boss, Jiang You.[1]


Volume 1: Banished Battle God

Cold Night and Tyrannical Ambition meet Xu Boyuan's Blue River and Blue Brook Guild with Plantago Seed and Herb Garden. They are at Boneyard to kill Blood Gunner Yagg. Cold Night congratulates Xu Boyuan when they learn of Plantago Seed's death. Following Lord Grim's plan, Cold Night assembles the Tyrannical Ambition party to kill Goblin Merchant. He follows Lord Grim's complex orders, and Cold Night feels sad that he acted as a secretary by repeatedly getting guild members to join the party. Cold Night's party outputs damage onto Goblin Merchant while Lord Grim's party pulls aggro. Cold Night and Tyrannical Ambition secure the first kill of Goblin Merchant.

Cold Night worries about the high payments of uncommon materials to Lord Grim. He paid 20 White Wolf Bristles and 30 Spider Teeth to Lord Grim for helping Tyrannical Ambition to kill Goblin Merchant. Cold Night has plenty of Spider Teeth but only 10 White Wolf Bristles. Cold Night dispatches all of his teams on the 10th Server to find the remaining 10 White Wolf Bristles to clear the guild's debts with Lord Grim. Cold Night speculates that Tyrannical Ambition might need Lord Grim's help to secure the records and wild bosses in the future, which would cost a fortune. When Endless Night refuses to turn over his Crystal Cross as a mortgage to Lord Grim, Cold Night takes over negotiations with Lord Grim.[2] Cold Night manages to buy the uncommon materials that Lord Grim needed and finds four DPS players for the record breaking Frost Forest dungeon clear.

Cold Night reports to his superiors in the Heavenly Domain. When he returns to the 10th Server, Cold Night sees Herb Garden's mediocre record of 17 minutes, 48 seconds, and 45 milliseconds. He is shocked by Excellent Dynasty's record of 13 minutes, 24 seconds, and 21 milliseconds. Cold Night learns from Lord Grim that at least three pro level players helped Excellent Dynasty set the fastest record clear of Frost Forest on all servers. Cold Night discusses with Endless Night and Lord Grim on a plan to break Excellent Dynasty's record. Cold Night has to wait until Lord Grim is level 25. Cold Night prepares equipment for the party. He has to collect information for Lord Grim to determine how many pro players helped Excellent Dynasty. Cold Night feels that the 10th Server is cursed with unprecedented experts, such as Lord Grim.

Cold Night informs Lord Grim of the classes of the Excellent Dynasty party that set the 10th Server Frost Forest clear record. Cold Night tells Lord Grim that he needs more time for an equipment specialist to figure out what equipment the Excellent Dynasty party used.

Cold Night informs Lord Grim about the record setting Excellent Dynasty party's equipment. All party members used Purple weapons with lackluster equipment. Cold Night complains to Lord Grim to level up faster because Lord Grim's party breaks Excellent Dynasty's Frost Forest clear record would be meaningless. The level cap stands at 25, so Tyrannical Ambition needs to break the record before the general population's level passes 25 for more fame and glory. Cold Night allows Lord Grim to take over the strategy of the operations. Cold Night rushes to find a guild member to be part of Lord Grim's party, so Tyrannical Ambition can get their guild name on the record.

Cold Night sees Lord Grim's party break the Frost Forest clear record with a time of 13 minutes, 5 seconds, and 47 milliseconds. He talks with Jiang You, who joins Lord Grim's party as Crowd Lover, about the quality of Lord Grim's teammates. Cold Night learns that Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion have great skill. Cold Night should get Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion to join Tyrannical Ambition. Cold Night learns that Cleansing Mist is a steady player, who appears close to Lord Grim, so Cold Night should not bother Cleansing Mist in joining Tyrannical Ambition. Cold Night sees Excellent Dynasty's new record Frost Forest clear time of 12 minutes, 55 seconds, and 42 milliseconds.

Cold Night is shocked by the new record by Excellent Dynasty. He spent a lot of uncommon materials to pay Lord Grim to set the last record. Cold Night could not afford to hire Lord Grim to break the Frost Forest record again, so he abandons the struggle for Frost Forest's record. He logs off of the 10th Server to find Jiang You for advice on his next set of actions.

Cold Night debates on what to do about Tyrannical Ambition's current hold of the record clear time for Boneyard. He knows that Excellent Dynasty can call upon its Excellent Era players to break Tyrannical Ambition's record. Cold Night wonders if he should hire Lord Grim to break Tyrannical Ambition's record in order to improve their hold on the Boneyard record. The level cap for record clear time attempts of Boneyard stands at level 27. Cold Night can only wait to hire Lord Grim, who is at level 25.

Cold Night is shocked by the new Boneyard record clear time of 23 minutes, 54 seconds, and 71 milliseconds. He learns that Lord Grim set the record by only leveling and casually dungeoning. When Lord Grim reaches level 27, Cold Night tries to hire Lord Grim for the Boneyard record clear time and fails. Cold Night is five minutes late compared to Xu Boyuan's hire of Lord Grim. Cold Night wishes Lord Grim luck.[3]

Volume 2: Beginnings of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella

Cold Night sees Lord Grim's Boneyard record clear time of 16 minutes, 24 seconds, and 67 milliseconds for Blue Brook Guild. Cold Night is shocked because he believed that Lord Grim would fail against Excellent Dynasty. Cold Night is confused about the experts, Hateful Sword and Flowing Tree, who helped Lord Grim in record setting runs. Cold Night cannot believe the 10th Server has so many experts. Cold Night follows progress of the level 28 Lord Grim. Cold Night realizes that the Boneyard record clear time remained stable, which means that Lord Grim holds the sole right to the dungeon records. Cold Night sees that Excellent Dynasty does not have the ability to break Lord Grim's record clear time.

Cold Night asks Lord Grim to set the record clear time for Desolate Lands. Cold Night learns that Full Moon Guild hired Lord Grim first. Cold Night is confused why Lord Grim rejected eight class-specific sets of equipment from Samsara Guild. Cold Night talks with Xu Boyuan about Lord Grim's history with Full Moon Guild's members. Cold Night discusses with Boyuan about the verbal attacks from the Glory community about Tyrannical Ambition and Blue Brook Guild's reliance on Lord Grim for dungeon record clear times.

Cold Night goes to the Heavenly Domain to talk with Jiang You, the guild leader of Tyrannical Ambition. Cold Night learns to ask Lord Grim about not setting a particular record in exchange for uncommon materials. Cold Night negotiates with Ye Xiu for the ransom of Line Canyon. Cold Night talks with Xu Boyuan about their plans for dungeon records in the face of Lord Grim's domination. Cold Night learns that Blue Brook Guild will fight head-to-head for the dungeon record clear times against Lord Grim's party.

Cold Night is shocked when he sees Lord Grim's new Desolate Lands record clear time of 22 minutes, 35 seconds, and 22 milliseconds. Cold Night is horrified when he sees Lord Grim's party improve on the Desolate Lands record clear with a time of 22 minutes, 29 seconds, and 57 milliseconds. Cold Night consults with Jiang You about the Desolate Lands situation. Cold Night and Jiang You stop Tyrannical Ambition's plans to fight for the Desolate Lands record clear, which is unassailable due to Lord Grim.

On the 10th Server, Cold Night meets Jiang You's Crowd Lover. Cold Night learns from his guild that Lord Grim and his party is at Line Canyon. Cold Night talks with Jiang You about discussing Line Canyon's ransom price with Lord Grim. Cold Night receives a message from Excellent Dynasty for a meeting. Cold Night and Jiang You believe that Excellent Dynasty wants to meet to deal with Lord Grim. Talking with Lord Grim, Cold Night is shocked to learn that Lord Grim's party stumbled upon Line Canyon's Hidden Boss, Illusion Swordmaster Ahong.

Outside Congee Forest, Cold Night meets with Chen Yehui and Lonely Drink. Cold Night learns from his information network that Lord Grim and his party headed to Line Canyon. Cold Night tells Yehui and Lonely Drink about Lord Grim's location. Cold Night and the others travel to Line Canyon.[4]

Volume 3: Golden Strategy

Cold Night learns that Endless Night's team is assassinated by Lord Grim's party. Cold Night informs his guild leader, Jiang You, and other leveling parties to be cautious. Cold Night gets a message from Jiang You about Lord Grim's coordinates. Cold Night learns that Blossom Valley's team is fighting Lord Grim. When Cold Night notices Lonely Drink acting dumb, Cold Night informs him of Lord Grim's attack on the alliance parties. Cold Night learns that Jiang You's Crowd Lover dies to Lord Grim's party. When Cold Night reads Jiang You's raging messages, Cold Night wonders how strong Lord Grim is.

Cold Night informs Jiang You of Lord Grim's Line Canyon record clear time of 29 minutes, 51 seconds, and 44 milliseconds. Cold Night forms a small party with Jiang You's Crowd Lover to go kill the wild boss. Cold Night sees in world chat of Lord Grim's fake coordinates to the Line Canyon wild boss, Cliff Ronin Alpine. Cold Night learns from a fellow Tyrannical Ambition player that Jiang You and the party is pulling the wild boss to a safe location. Cold Night learns that Jiang You's party is exterminated by Lord Grim. Cold Night mobilizes his Tyrannical Ambition members to run to Cliff Ronin Alpine's location. Cold Night informs the other guild leaders about Lord Grim and the Line Canyon wild boss's location. Cold Night knows that Lord Grim will probably kill the wild boss and escape before anyone arrives to stop him. Cold Night decides to mobilize a search only to find his location.

Cold Night gets Jiang You’s message to kill Lord Grim. Cold Night sees that Cleansing Mist and One Inch Ash are offline. Cold Night is furious when he sees on his friends list that Lord Grim logged off. Cold Night grows angrier when he finds out that Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion logged off. Cold Night does not know where Lord Grim logged off, so he stations Tyrannical Ambition members on important roads. Cold Night learns from Jiang You that Zhang Xinjie needs to borrow a Cleric account. Cold Night gets Endless Night to go to the Tyranny headquarters, so Endless Night can give his account to Xinjie.

Cold Night gathers the materials for the next Arena match against Lord Grim’s team. After surviving the chaos, Cold Night and Tyrannical Ambition kill the Fire Forest’s Fire Witch Cashew. Cold Night learns that Lord Grim wants to update the list of uncommon materials for the bet in a future Arena duel. Cold Night refuses. Cold Night rejects Lord Grim’s repeated attempts to update the list of uncommon materials. Cold Night helps compile a list of the guild’s deaths and the names of their enemies. When Cold Night talks with other 10th Server guild leaders, he suggests to stop actively chasing Lord Grim. Cold Night tells everyone to send messages if anyone finds Lord Grim.

With fellow guild leaders, Cold Night agrees to passively hunt for Lord Grim. Cold Night checks with Lord Grim to set up the 5v5 Arena duel. Cold Night sees Han Wenqing’s team overwhelm Lord Grim, who admits defeat. Cold Night asks Jiang You about seizing the Line Canyon record clear time. Cold Night is told by Jiang You to keep good relations with Lord Grim. Cold Night is shocked when Jiang You tells him that Ye Qiu is Lord Grim. Cold Night is confident in Tyrannical Ambition to take and to hold the Line Canyon record clear time.

Cold Night celebrates with Jiang You about Tyrannical Ambition’s Line Canyon record clear time. Cold Night is shocked by the announcement of Misty Castle breaking the Tyrannical Ambition record at Line Canyon. Cold Night sees the new Line Canyon record clear of 25 minutes, 21 seconds, and 78 milliseconds, which is a two-minute improvement. Cold Night is furious when he sees Tyrannical Ambition getting insulted in the world chat.

Cold Night greets Ye Xiu as ‘God.’ Cold Night asks if Ye Xiu helped Misty Castle. Cold Night learns that Ye Xiu sold them a guide.[5] Cold Night realizes that Ye Xiu manages to indirectly control the dungeon records without actively breaking records. Cold Night learns that he can buy Ye Xiu’s Line Canyon guide. Cold Night realizes that Ye Xiu is now a merchant that sells guides for the dungeon records. Cold Night wants to buy the guide and sees that the uncommon materials are from the Fire Forest. Cold Night has a 15-minute deadline for Ye Xiu’s Line Canyon guide. Cold Night rushes to message Jiang You for directions. Cold Night is ordered to pay the Fire Forest’s uncommon materials to Ye Xiu. Cold Night hides a few uncommon materials from Ye Xiu, so Tyrannical Ambition can pay a slightly lower price for Ye Xiu’s guide. Cold Night sends the uncommon materials over for the guide. He is shocked when Ye Xiu logs off. Cold Night opens the guide and sees the highlighted portions. Cold Night sends Ye Xiu’s guide to Jiang You. Cold Night sees the amazing genius of Ye Xiu.

After thinking about the situation, Cold Night and 11 fellow guild leaders agree to Ye Xiu’s terms to collaborate in order to monopolize control of the Christmas thieves. Cold Night is shocked by the scene of Christmas thieves charging at the watch tower. To stop wasting time, Cold Night orders Tyrannical Ambition to retreat.

Cold Night learns that Ye Xiu is debating whether to create another mob of Christmas thieves at the expense of Tyrannical Ambition and other large guilds. After thinking about the situation, Cold Night and 11 fellow guild leaders agree to Ye Xiu’s terms to collaborate. Cold Night is thrilled that the members of Tyrannical Ambition are moving up the individual Christmas Hunting leaderboards. Cold Night is worried that Ye Xiu, their super MT, is going to sleep soon. In the early morning, Cold Night goes to sleep. When he returns online, Cold Night admires Lord Grim, who has not slept.

Cold Night goes onto his account and receives a Sin City guide from Jiang You. Cold Night initially thinks the guide is from Ye Xiu and is corrected by Jiang You, the writer behind the guide. Cold Night gets a message from Ye Xiu about a guide for Sin City. Cold Night tells Ye Xiu that Tyrannical Ambition has a guide and turns down Ye Xiu’s offer. Cold Night is restrained when Tyrannical Ambition clears Sin City in record time, 29 minutes, 34 seconds, and 71 milliseconds. He is worried that Ye Xiu will surprise everyone by destroying Tyrannical Ambition’s Sin City record clear. Cold Night is frustrated when he sees Misty Castle’s Sin City record clear time of 29 minutes, 33 seconds, and 46 milliseconds, which is a one-second improvement. Cold Night sees Blue Brook Guild’s new Sin City record clear time of 28 minutes, 12 seconds, and 52 milliseconds. After seeing the old records obliterated, Cold Night is depressed when he is stuck between asking for Ye Xiu’s help and being prideful and stubborn against Ye Xiu’s might. Cold Night buys Ye Xiu’s normal Thousand Waves Lake dungeon guide. Cold Night and Tyrannical Ambition players rush to study the guide.[6]

Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

Cold Night learns about Ye Xiu’s plan to create guild on the 10th Server. Without sincerity, Cold Night congratulates Ye Xiu. Cold Night promises to lend Ye Xiu some manpower and is turned down.[7] In a QQ chatroom, Cold Night meets Liang Yichun, Xu Boyuan, Arisaema, Plantago Seed, Lonely Drink, and two other infiltrators.[8] Cold Night and the other guild leaders deal with Ye Xiu’s ultimatum to the spies to stay or to leave Guild Happy. Cold Night is at a standstill on the spies who will leave or who will stay.[9] Cold Night orders his exposed spies to leave Guild Happy.  After the failure of the spy mission and seeing Ye Xiu’s thanks, Cold Night is furious.[10]

Cold Night agrees in hunting down and killing Thousand Creations to halt Guild Happy’s progress. With the other players, Cold Night moves towards the coordinates of Thousand Creations’s location.[11] With chaos erupting in the lake, Cold Night is shocked by Ye Xiu’s ambush.[12] Cold Night hears about Ye Xiu’s assassination of a 10th Server Misty Castle dungeon team at Thousand Waves Lake. Cold Night is dragged into the conversation by Xu Boyuan, where Cold Night admits to the overwhelming power of Ye Xiu on the 10th Server.[13] Cold Night is shocked by Boyuan’s belief that Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim will ascend to the Heavenly Domain at level 50.[14]

Cold Night is suggested by Backlight Bomb to be the negotiator with Ye Xiu. Cold Night refuses, but he is ultimately forced to be the negotiator once all of the guild leaders agree to not blame the negotiator for a possible failure in the peace talks with Ye Xiu. Cold Night issues a surrender to Ye Xiu, who demands for ceded territory or pay reparations. Cold Night learns that Ye Xiu either wants total control over Thousand Waves Lake or pay in uncommon materials for peace. Cold Night gets the uncommon materials list from Ye Xiu and posts the list on group chat.[15] Cold Night leaves the group chat. He goes to Ye Xiu to look for peace with Tyrannical Ambition. Cold Night pays the appropriate uncommon materials for peace and for access to Thousand Waves Lake. Cold Night has his dungeon teams to turn on their guild tags to prevent themselves from accidental assassination by Ye Xiu at Thousand Waves Lake.[16]

Cold Night sends a name and coordinates to Ye Xiu, who kills this opposing elite guild member. Cold Night talks with Jiang You about Excellent Dynasty’s situation on the 10th Server.[17] On the 10th Server, Cold Night is in a poor situation when a Tyrannical Ambition elite is assassinated. Cold Night asks Jiang You for advice. With Jiang You’s orders, Cold Night rushes to consolidate Tyrannical Ambition teams to stay together and to continue reporting enemy guild member locations to Ye Xiu.[1] Cold Night learns from Ye Xiu that the other elite guilds have paid for peace or have fled Thousand Waves Lake.[18]

Skills and Abilities

Cold Night is one of the top tier elites of Tyrannical Ambition. Compared to normal players, he has great mechanical skill although he is clearly inferior to pro players. Cold Night is comparable to the skill levels of Blue Brook Guild's Five Great Experts.[19]



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