A Priest sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. This class is primarily a support class specializing in healing, and doesn't have many attack skills.


Priest Sickle



Level Skill Name Description
Heal A skill used to recover an allies health. This skill has a cast time and heals an allies health over time. Heal is split into 3 divisions: Small Heal, Great Heal, and Holy Heal. The longer the cast time, the greater the heal. This heal is the only that is most commonly used.[1]
Cure A heal that did not have a cast time, but have long cooldowns. Generally, only used in emergencies. Cure is split into 3 divisions: Small Cure, Great Cure, Holy Cure. The greater the cure used, the longer the cooldown.[1]
Wish Prayer A skill that helps a target recover mana.[2] It takes a full 10 seconds to cast, recovers 30% of the targets Mana and has a cool-down of 5 minutes.
Focus A skill that cancels the effects of provoke.[3]
30 Sacred Fire A DoT skill that lasts for 5 seconds. The user's weapon burns white, and a storm of white flames rains down and coils around the target's body if successfully hit. Its damage decreases every second. Even if this skill does not hit the target, it continues burning at the area it lands on. If it comes into contact with an enemy, the enemy is Silenced and is unable to use any skills for the next 3 seconds.[4]
Hypnosis A skill that inflicts a sleep status onto the target.[5] It requires the caster to face the target; otherwise, it will not work.[6]
Holy Commandment Light A skill that immerses the target in a light that causes the target to take 30% more damage from attacks for the next 6 seconds.[5]
Angel Wings A skill that allows the player to float in the air. The character is able to move, but is only able to move a certain height. The character has two wings, formed out of light, behind them. Due to the sheer brightness of the wings, even the player using the skill is difficult to see.[7]
70 Revive A skill that allows to bring fallen ally back to life. The revived character would be brought back with low health and mana.[8] It has a long cooldown of 30 minutes.[9]
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Notable Users

An Wenyi

Fang Shiqian

Yuan Baiqing

Zhang Jiaxing

Zhang Xinjie

Notable Accounts

Bound Boat


Endless Night

Groping Haven

Happy Sheep

Immovable Rock

Little Cold Hands

Thousand Falling Leaves

Wolf Claw


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