Chen Guo (陈果) is the owner of the Happy Internet Cafe as well as the boss of Happy. She is the user of the account Chasing Haze in the Heavenly Domain of Glory. She is also a former member of the in-game guild Excellent Dynasty.


Chen Guo is described as being beautiful and gentle-looking.[1] She likes to wear her hair up in a ponytail and gave her Chasing Haze a hairband to match.[2]


Chen Guo is a rather impulsive person, almost never thinking things through before acting, like when she rents a six-bedroom house for the team even though there was no need for that many rooms at the time.[3]

She's also a bit hot-headed and stubborn, easily getting angry at things she takes offense to, and stubbornly sticking by the impulsive decisions she makes while angry. For instance, when the three guilds chasing Lord Grim and Deception completely ignore her, she attacks them out of anger, and stubbornly stand by her actions even when she is killed and her weapon is dropped.[2]

Chen Guo has a genuine love for the game, Glory. When Ye Xiu is polishing, disassembling, and reassembling to upgrade the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella, Chen Guo is fascinated by the process of improving a Silver Weapon. In her entire experience with Glory, Chen Guo has never seen the behind the scenes process of researching and improving a Silver Weapon before until she met Ye Xiu.[4]


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