I was exiled to the Qin Mountains in the autumn wind is the 9th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Many mourn the retirement of Ye Qiu. Meanwhile, Ye Xiu starts his first shift at the Happy Internet Cafe.


As Excellent Era talks about their team's recent downfall, Ye Xiu reminisces about the past—the good times with One Autumn Leaf and what they achieved together. However, everyone must step down sometime. He heads outside to smoke and finds Chen Guo crying. She questions whether Ye Qiu left his team willingly or if he was cast out. Despite her outrage, Ye Xiu replies calmly and then reaffirms that he is like this because he is Ye Qiu. However, she still doesn't believe him.

Later, after Chen Guo has long since gone inside, Ye Xiu returns to the counter to start his first shift. One of the workers tells him that the Happy Internet Cafe regularly shows livestreams of Excellent Era since Chen Guo is a huge fan. After getting the rundown on how to manage the computers and having permission to use the computer, Ye Xiu starts working.

Of the few customers, most are pulling overnighters, so don't require assistance. With no one in need of help, Ye Xiu logs into Glory. He heads to meet up with Seven Fields and his guildmates, though Sleeping Moon, who is depressed because of Ye Qiu's retirement, is absent. The group heads to Skeleton Graveyard and begins battling monsters to find materials.



One Autumn Leaf
Lord Grim
Seven Fields
Drifting Water
Sunset Clouds


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