Seizing First Kill by Ten Seconds Lead is the 8th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Blue Brook Guild misses first kill, and Excellent Era makes an announcement.


Just missing first clear by 10 seconds, members of Blue Brook Guild convene and decide to investigate Lord Grim. When they receive the information, Blue River decides that they should wait until level 20, and instead work on getting first kill on one of the hidden bosses. Meanwhile, Ye Xiu's team rejoices over their first clear. Disgruntled, Sleeping Moon proclaims that he will surpass Ye Xiu in time. Seven Fields drags his guild member away and tell him to stay quiet, as he is trying to rope Ye Xiu into their guild.

As Ye Xiu and his team enter the dungeon again, they encounter the Hidden Boss Spider Emperor, and so they transfer party leadership to him. Sleeping Moon becomes even more bitter over this, but Seven Fields tells him to calm down.

Back in the Happy Internet Cafe, Chen Guo wakes up to an empty apartment. When she heads downstairs, she discovers Ye Xiu who had been playing Glory all night. She is surprised to see he had already reached level 18 and with his former foes no less. Finally, he heads to bed.

Later that evening, Excellent Era starts a broadcast with an important announcement. The entire cafe tunes in since many are fans of the team. However, the news shocks them—Ye Qiu officially retires, and passes on Battle God One Autumn Leaf to a successor. The announcement lists off his accomplishments—from MVP to champion titles—and calls him someone who all players of Glory wish to one day surpass.


Ye Xiu
Chen Guo
Pan Lin
Li Yibo


Lord Grim
Sleeping Moon
Seven Fields
Drifting Water
Sunset Clouds
Blue River
Bound Boat
Lunar Grace


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