A Showdown in Spider Cave is the 7th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Ye Xiu shows his abilities before the Full Moon Guild members, all while his team progresses through Spider Cave.


The group progresses through Spider Cave, with Ye Xiu doing most of the work. When the boss appears, while most of the team clamber for their antidotes, he rushes straight in. Attacking it solo for awhile, Ye Xiu finally gives orders to the other team members: he positions them at certain intervals around the boss. Ye Xiu leads the boss into the encirclement, and the team batters the boss around as it is trapped. However, Sleeping Moon, who is still hung up over the incident at Green Forest, doesn't get into position in time, and Ye Xiu has to make up for it using Shadow Clone.

As Ye Xiu handles both his own mechanics and commanding the others, the team slowly whittles away at the boss's health. Realizing that Ye Xiu is truly an expert, Seven Fields feels slightly ashamed for trying to rope him in.

When the boss is fell, an exuberance fills the Full Moon Guild members. They clear the second boss with no problem, and then continue on toward the third boss—Spider Lord. At this time, there has been no announcement of Spider Cave first clear, so they have a chance of achieving that.

Meanwhile, a Blue Brook Guild team, led by Blue River, progresses through the same dungeon, aiming for first clear. Yet, as they are about to land the finishing blow, the system announcement comes on, stating that Ye Xiu and his team had achieved first clear. Having missed the first clear by 10 seconds, Blue Brook Guild reluctantly finishes the fight.



Lord Grim
Sleeping Moon
Seven Fields
Drifting Water
Sunset Clouds
Blue River
Bound Boat


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