Thief Shouting Thief is the 6th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

At first, Sleeping Moon and his team try to sabotage Ye Xiu. However, they are rather unsuccessful.


Realizing the injustice being done to Ye Xiu, Chen Guo asks him why he is acting calm and not angry. However, he says that, though he doesn't show it, he is angry.

After Chen Guo heads to bed, Ye Xiu continues playing. However, while he at the Green Forest entrance, no one wants to party with him due to Sleeping Moon's rumors. Instead, he asks to join Sleeping Moon's team, who is astounded at his audacity. Eventually, he concedes, figuring he and his team can kill Lord Grim while in the dungeon. But things don't go as planned—Ye Xiu handles every monster on his own in Green Forest.

Once they all reach the appropriate level, they go to Spider Cave. Everyone gathers antidotes and acts cautious to avoid pulling monsters, except for Ye Xiu, who simply strolls in. When a large spider appears, he combos it four times in midair. Though Sleeping Moon still wanted revenge, the rest of his team change their minds; they want to rope in Lord Grim to their guild. Seven Fields questions him on what server he is from, and whether he is from an elite guild. Ye Xiu answers noncommittally, and then charges further into the dungeon.



Lord Grim
Sleeping Moon
Seven Fields
Drifting Water
Sunset Clouds


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