You reap what you sow is the 5th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

The team encounters the Hidden Boss of Green Forest, Midnight Phantom Cat.


The Midnight Phantom Cat continues to decimate the rest of the team, besides Lord Grim and Sleeping Moon. Since only them two remain, Sleeping Moon rallies Ye Xiu to his side, saying they can take down the boss together. However, his real intentions are revealed—he wanted all the drops to himself.

Sleeping Moon calls to Ye Xiu to heal him, who refuses in turn. If he were to heal, the boss would go OT. Ye Xiu then points out that Sleeping Moon's attacks, which were failing to hit earlier (causing the rest of the team to die), are suddenly hitting their marks. Intentionally letting the team die, Sleeping Moon wanted to hoard all the drops for himself.

Realizing that the only option is to work together, Sleeping Moon promises to split the drops equally between them. But Ye Xiu refuses; planning to take it all himself, he lets the other die.

Now the only one remaining, Ye Xiu engages the Midnight Phantom Cat. Switching the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella into lance form, he stabs the boss with Dragon Tooth, a Battle Mage skill.

Lackadaisically, Chen Guo wakes up to see him battling the boss. His hands are beautiful, but rather slow, moving at no more than 80 apm. However, she is surprised when she sees he killed the Hidden Boss, earning equipment drops and first kill. Her excitement is derailed when she smells his smoking, and tells him to get out of the nonsmoking area of the cafe.

Across the world chat, Sleeping Moon and Full Moon Guild slander Lord Grim, claiming he let the team die to steal the boss.



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Just a Passerby
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