Green Forest’s Sleeping Moon is the 4th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

The first wave of players reach level 5, and enter the dungeon Green Forest


Outside Green Forest, new players prepare to embark into the first dungeon. Many are trying to form parties, sending requests to random players who wander into the area. As Ye Xiu walks in, he is bombarded by party invites. He randomly accepts one for Sleeping Moon's team. However, before they can head in, Ye Xiu asks how drops will be divided. Sleeping Moon says that it will be by dice roll.

Ready to go, the team enters the dungeon. Right away, they are notified that the Hidden Boss, Midnight Phantom Cat, has appeared. Before they fight it, they have to battle normal monsters. Ye Xiu takes the role of healer during this, since he was the only one to have priest skills. Assuming Ye Xiu will eventually promote into Cleric, Sleeping Moon delegates him as their team healer.

Ch4 midnight phantom cat

Midnight Phantom Cat first appears

Since he is experienced in Glory, Sleeping Moon takes the role of tank, even though he has no tank skills. He warns the three other newbies on the team that they have to be careful when dealing damage; if the boss goes off-tank (OT), he cannot save them.

Ye Xiu reminisces about the last time he dungeoned with a friend. According to Ye Xiu, this friend could have been the greatest player in Glory.

The battle against the Midnight Phantom Cat begins, and everything seems to be going well. To Ye Xiu's surprise, Sleeping Moon is more skilled than he thought. However, his mistakes start piling up, causing the boss to go OT. This results in a chain OT and kills some of the team members.



Lord Grim
Sleeping Moon
Fallen Sun


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