Don’t laugh at those who lie drunk on the battlefield is the 3rd chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Lord Grim makes his first appearance in the 10th Server.


As Ye Xiu leisurely eats his noodles, he admits that since it has been so long, he doesn't remember any of the beginner quests. He had no time to train newbies with his professional career being Glory. Chen Guo attempts to comfort him, in the false belief that he was kicked off his team for being less skilled; then encouraging him to fight his way back. Despite missing the true point, her words still reflect Ye Xiu's end goal in mind.

As he clicks the login button, Lord Grim manifests into the 10th server amidst a huge crowd of new players. In fact, there are so many people just starting that the town is rather overcrowded. Budging and pushing his way through, he makes his way to the earliest quests. However, this is the same goal as everyone else, and Ye Xiu is forced to wait on long queues for each one.

Chen Guo asks a favor of him—autographs from Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng. Ye Xiu offers his own, but she is still unaware of his identity, and she blatantly refuses it. As she boasts about how amazing Ye Qiu is, Ye Xiu whispers to her that they are one and the same. Of course, she doesn't believe him, and she mocks him by claiming to be Su Mucheng, which she is not.

Ye Xiu continues leveling Lord Grim. Finally reaching level 7, he glances over only to see Chen Guo asleep. After placing his jacket over her, he heads to his storehouse. Opening a chest inside, he acquires the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.



Lord Grim


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