Since ancient times, how many have returned from war? is the 2nd chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Ye Xiu gets a job at the Happy Internet Cafe, and the 10th Server opens for the first time.


In a flashback, Ye Xiu recalls giving up One Autumn Leaf to Sun Xiang, who gloats about it. As Ye Xiu hands over the account card, Sun Xiang mocks how his hands tremble. However, he is thrown off when Ye Xiu asks him if he enjoys Glory.

Despite being forced to give up his account, Ye Xiu does not mention this to Chen Guo. Instead, he says that he "gave it away." She passes this off as him just being generous.

Following this, Chen Guo reminds him that the 10th server was opening that night. Realizing that he could transfer a level 1 account, Ye Xiu brings out an old account card—a first-edition card for Glory. Surprised, she asks him how long he has been playing, to which he says 10 whole years. Finally, the account transfers successfully.

Ch2 supply closet

Ye Xiu's new bedroom in the storage closet

Accepting him to work the night shift—room and board provided—at Happy Internet Cafe, Chen Guo leads Ye Xiu to his room. Initially, he is surprised by the cleanliness of the room, but he is led to his room: a small supply closet with a tattered bed in the corner. After coughing a bit, Chen Guo accidentally knocks down a tower of boxes, which come crashing down on the mattress and floor. Rather awkwardly, she admits that the job notice he read was from a long time ago and that the internet cafe didn't actually need more employees, which is why there are no quarters available. On the bright side, employees have unlimited access to the computers.

To test his abilities to stay up at night, Chen Guo tells Ye Xiu to pull an all-nighter, while she observes him. They then get ready while on the computers, waiting as the clock counts down to the opening of the new server. The instant it opens, everyone begins playing. When Chen Guo glances over at Ye Xiu, she is baffled that he is looking at a beginner's guide.




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