The Truth Behind A Guilds' Affairs is the 15th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

With a new Frost Forest record, a feud between the main guilds is ignited, all vying to have Ye Xiu on their team.


Recognizing the others are weak players, Endless Night tries to lead the party. Meanwhile, the rest of the server cannot believe how absurdly fast the new record for Frost Forest is. Blue River relishes in this fame and wants to invite Ye Xiu as a permanent member in their guild. However, after fulfilling the promised trade, Ye Xiu leaves Blue Brook Guild. The other two main guilds, Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition, realize that Ye Xiu can be bought.

Back in the dungeon, Seven Fields kicks Endless Night from the team to make room for Ye Xiu. However, the Tyrannical Ambition member has wanted this chance all along, and he immediately asks to join the party. But Ye Xiu rebukes him, saying that they have no need for a Cleric.




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