The Legendary Brother Expert is the 14th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Blue Brook Guild sets a new record.


Ye Xiu continues coordinating the Blue Brook Guild members, who are using high-damage skills. Flower Lantern, who still believes Ye Xiu had arrogantly boasted his skills, messages Blue River to ask how they are doing. However, Blue River has realized how skilled Ye Xiu is, tells his guildmate to just wait and see.

As they approach the first boss, Blue River begins to develop doubts. Without a tank, who will control aggro? Before he can voice these concerns, Ye Xiu charges right in, building aggro and dodging at the same time. Frost Thain is a formidable foe, but Ye Xiu easily keeps up; even when the boss teleports, he uses Shadow Clone to teleport with it.

They defeat the Frost Thain and set a new dungeon record: 20:24.11, almost six minutes faster than second place.

At the same time in Frost Forest, another team—composed of Drifting Water, Sunset Clouds, Seven Fields, Immersed Jade, and Endless Night—is making progress through. Unbeknownst to the other team members, Endless Night is secretly a member of Tyrannical Ambition, who is investigating the team's recent records. Witnessing their ineptitude, he realizes Lord Grim was the one actually pulling the team.




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