One Wave Total Annihilation is the 13th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Blue Brook Guild witnesses the extreme tactics of Ye Xiu.


Blue Brook Guild switches out the players for its run in Frost Forest to DPS focused characters, as per Ye Xiu's request. With Lord Grim leading, they begin the dungeon. The plan is to use One Wave Rush—a tactic in which monsters are drawn to an isolated area, where the players can then spam high-damage attacks at once—with Ye Xiu taking the helm. The Blue Brook Guild members doubt whether he can do this alone, but these are assuaged when Ye Xiu comes barreling back with the goblins hot on his tail. He uses Z-shake, a skill easy to execute under no pressure but difficult to do so effectively in a battle.

With the enemies in their sights, the Blue Brook Guild members begin bombarding them with fire-based attacks. Each member follows Ye Xiu's orders in synchronization, all while he continues to push the goblins back. Once again, Blue River and his team members are astounded by the versatile skill set of an Unspecialized.




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