A Challenge of Speed Between Eighteen Men is the 11th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

Blue Brook Guild asks for Ye Xiu's help to clear Frost Forest. He takes the opportunity to get rare materials from them.


Picking up where the last chapter left off, Ye Xiu and his team are battling the Skeleton Warrior. Since he can't remember much about the boss, Ye Xiu asks Chen Guo to look up how to get 100% Saber drop rate. The technique to do this is extremely difficult; Ye Xiu has to hit the same point on the boss a certain number of times. Despite this, he goes in. The camera movement as he hits the boss is so chaotic that Chen Guo feels dizzy. After Chen Guo heads off to bed, Ye Xiu continues leveling, using her 10th Server account to help him farm for Spider Silk.

In the Frost Forest dungeon, Blue River is with his team. He is trying to contact Lord Grim, and has sent him 18 friend requests. Finally, Ye Xiu accepts. Blue River asks for Ye Xiu to accompany his team to Frost Forest in order to set a record. With a greedy glint in his eye, Ye Xiu says he will but for a price. They haggle for quite a bit, with Ye Xiu asking for more each time. Blue River, desperate to rope in this expert, agrees to an exorbitant price.




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