At the Blue Bridge, you returned to Changan with the spring snow is the 10th chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

The workings of equipment are explained, and Blue Brook Guild looks into the skilled player who took many first kills on the 10th Server.


In the competitive scene of Glory, there are many powerful accounts. The weapons they use cannot be found in-game, and are instead crafted by the player. These are known as Silver Equipment. One such weapon is Evil Annihilation, One Autumn Leaf's main weapon. Clubs have specialized departments to research Silver Equipment creation, and are backed by guilds in-game, who collect materials.

In Oumilou, a port city in Glory, Blue River meets up with Bound Boat, who passes on information pertaining to Full Moon Guild. He suspects that Lord Grim is a solo player and excellent general, which is why his team snagged three first kills.

Back in the Happy Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu is playing. However, he is surprised seeing Chen Guo's facial mask. This causes a slight slip up in game, but he quickly returns to giving orders to his team. Chen Guo laments about Ye Qiu's retirement, and how he was mostly used as a scapegoat due to his high position. However, she admits that he had rivals in skill within the Glory Professional Alliancethe Sword Saint, the Magician, the Great Gunner, and the King of Fighting all have skill and accounts to rival Ye Qiu with One Autumn Leaf. Expectations for him were too high. As Chen Guo is saying this seriously, she realizes Ye Xiu is barely paying her any attention, and screams at him.

Chen Guo logs into the 10th Server to begin working on a character, and Ye Xiu continues to grind with his team in Skeleton Graveyard. Suddenly, the Hidden Boss Skeleton Warrior appears, and everyone awaits Ye Xiu's orders, only to be disappointed when he admits he hasn't read the guide yet.



Blue River
Bound Boat
One Autumn Leaf
Lord Grim
Seven Fields
Drifting Water
Sunset Clouds


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