As we drink, the lute signals to go to war is the 1st chapter of The King's Avatar manhua.

After leaving Excellent Era, Ye Xiu comes across the Happy Internet Cafe. There, he meets Chen Guo.


Promising Su Mucheng that he will return in a year, Ye Xiu leaves Excellent Era for good. As he walks through blistering wind and snow, he comes upon the Happy Internet Cafe. Taking shelter from the cold, he goes inside and asks for a computer.

Searching for his computer, he is shocked by a woman yelling at the computer that he was assigned to. Playing Glory, Chen Guo has lost once again to Silent Well. Scowling at Ye Xiu, she leaves but unknowingly forgets to sign out. Realizing her mistake, she rushes back, but he had already won on her account, and not even a minute had passed.

Ch1 chasing haze

Chasing Haze

Realizing she must be in front of a top-tier pro, and due to the Internet Cafe's proximity to the Excellent Era headquarters, she suspects him to be a member of their team. And, since she does not recognize him, her first conclusion is that he is Ye Qiu, the captain who never revealed his face. She rushes to the front desk and asks the person sitting there to show her the customer's ID—only to be disappointed when she sees that his name is Ye Xiu instead.

When Chen Guo walks back over to Ye Xiu, he expresses his interest in the nightshift job. In response, she offers him one condition: beat her in a match of Glory. However, he has no account since he was forced to relinquish One Autumn Leaf.



Chasing Haze
Silent Well
One Autumn Leaf


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