Brawler is a Fighter sub-class that can be unlocked once a player reaches level 20.

Brawlers can be played in a variety of ways, from aggressive to dirty play.[1] They have a low Spirit growth of 1.5 per level.[2]




Level Skill Name Description
1 Uppercut A knock-up skill.
5 Slap A skill that could move enemies. It is the only aggro-related skill that a Brawler can learn before it registers its class. It can hit the enemy twice.
10 Knee Attack A skill that strike the target with the users knee. It does not have a knock-down effect.
  • Hidden effect: If used as a back attack, could knock the target back.[3]
15 Strangle A binding attack that takes hold of the enemies neck for 2 seconds.[4] It does little damage and does not have a knock-down effect. The target is not Stunned and is able to attack.
  • Hidden effect: Opponent defense is reduced by half.[3] When this skill is Level 1, the effect lasts 2 seconds. Each additional level in this skill adds an additional .5 seconds to effect duration.[5]
  • Hidden effect: Opponent attack is reduced by 50%.[5]
20 Brick Buster (Brick) A skill that can be either used to smashed or be thrown at an enemy. If the brick the enemies head, it has a 50% chance to cause the Dizzy effect for 3 seconds.
  • If the brick is thrown: Damage, Dizzy chance, and Dizzy duration is reduced by half.
  • Hidden effect: If the brick hits the back of the head, the Dizzy effect becomes 100% and lasts for 4 seconds[6]
  • If the user jumps, the brick's thrown distance that it can reach is increased.[7]
20 Sand Toss An attack that throws sand at the target to deal damage. The damage from this skill isn't high, so it's mostly user for its CC effects.[8]
  • Hidden effect: It blinds enemies when the eyes are hit.
    • The lowest level only has a 50% chance to blind enemies for 4 seconds.
    • The maxed level has a 100% chance to blind enemies and lasts for 8 seconds.[6]
25 Apply Poison A skill that applies poison to the users weapon. If the target gets hit by the weapon, they take a one-time additional damage that ignores defense.[3]
30 Inject Poison A skill that makes the target bleed and breaks Super Armor.
  • At the lowest level, Super Armor is broken for 5 seconds.
  • At the maxed level, Super Armor is broken for 10 seconds.[9]
Molotov The user throws a beer bottle with petroleum inside. When an enemy gets hit by it, they would be set ablaze. Destroying the molotov midair would result in the petroleum splashing out in small fireballs. [10]
Powerful Knee Strike
Double Crescent
Pain of Scars
Threaten This skill doesn't do damage, but reduces the attack power of an enemy.[11]
75 Eye for an Eye When the player receives an attack, the character will remember the skill and add it to its skill slot. The character can then use the skill but the mana consumption is twice of the original skill.[11]
Tiger Flips the Mountain A simple defensive skill that blocks an incoming attack.[12]
Tyrannical Chain Punch An attacking skill that causes a lot of damage at the target by throwing a flurry of fists after forcingly pinning the opponent onto the ground.[13][14]
75 Street Riot Increases the power of low and mid level Brawler Skills.[15]
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Notable Users

Bao Rongxing

Lin Jingyan

Tang Hao

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Demon Subduer

Steamed Bun Invasion

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