A Swordsman sub-class that is available once a player reaches past level 20. Blade Masters, due to their Wuxia-like playstyle, are Glory’s most popular class.[1] They have a Strength growth rate of 3.5.[2]


Broadsword: A weapon with high physical attack, but low attack speed.[3] This attack speed is usually 3.

Greatsword: A weapon with the highest physical attack, but with a usual attack speed of 1.

Short Sword: A weapon with the highest magic attack, with a usual attack speed of 5.

Tachi: A weapon with high magic attack, though lower than short swords, but a higher attack speed, which is 7.[4], [5]

Lightsaber: A weapon that can only be used by Blade Masters.[6] It usually has the highest attack speed of 9 or 10.[4]


Light Armor[7]


Level Skill Name Description
1 Upward Slash A basic knock-up skill.[8] The user slices up using their blade.
5 Guard A skill where the user lifts their blade to block an attack. It allows the user to reduce damage taken from a skill as well as the blow away effect of a skill.[9] This skill does not block damage from magic attacks.[10]
5 Lunge A stab skill that will hit multiple times and knock back the enemy.[11] The tip of the user's blade emits two cold streaks of light and the user charges forward to strike the target.[12] Spending more skill points on this skill increases the number of stabs.[13]
Falling Light Blade A skill that moves the user downwards while releasing a sword light.[14] The height of the user affects the damage and shock wave size.[15]
Sword Draw A skill where the user draws their blade and slashes in a circular arc, sending out a sword aura. [16]The sword's aura extends the attack range.[17] The image of the sword aura hitting a target is an afterimage, so the skill can be dodged while appearing to hit. However, the timing is highly difficult. [18]
20 Sword Mastery A passive skill that allowed a user to increase the attack by 2% (20% at level 10) of a certain Sword type(eg Tachi Mastery); more than one Sword type can be invested in but this is an inefficient use of skill points and rarely done. This also allows different swords to have different effects with certain skills.[6]
Triple Slash An attack skill where the user rushes forward while slashing their blade, sending out three consecutive sword lights.[18] It is typically used by Blade Masters to quickly get away or close in on an enemy.[19] Very skilled users can make two directional changes in between slashes.[20] Assassin’s Shining Cut is faster than Triple Slash’s movement speed.[21]
Rising Dragon Slash A skill where the user leaps into the air, slashing the target and launching them upwards.[22]
Shadow Steps A skill that makes the user's silhouette flicker, creating one or more afterimages of the user. At its peak, a user can create 7 shadows.[23][24] This skill relies on the controller’s experience and technique. The afterimages it creates do not have health and cannot be destroyed. However, if an attack connects, the attack will pass through the afterimage. By testing each afterimage, the real body can be found.[25]
Downwind Sword Slash A skill where the users raises their weapon and slash it downwards, falling in a straight line.[26]
Sky Plunging Blade An attack that takes aims upwards.[9]
45 Headwind Strike A skill that only moves forward, but also envelopes a wide-area. This skill allows the user to control the sword arcs making it difficult to escape/dodge.[27]
Sword Strike Rends the Sky
Waning Wind Fading Grass
Falling Phoenix Slash A knock-down skill[28] where the user slashes downward while in the air. If hit successfully, the target will crash down extremely quickly. Rising Dragon Slash into Falling Phoenix Slash is a commonly used Blade Master combo.[29]
Immortal Guides the Way A knockback skill.[24] It has a strong blow-away effect.[30]
70 Formless Phantom Blade (Mirage Blade)

Troubling Rain performs Formless Phantom Blade

A Blade Master's most powerful skill. The skill relies on the combo amount to deal damage (a higher combo yields a higher damage output). The final hit has a strong Blow Away effect. There is a one-second “stun” from the end-animation.[31]
  • The highest combo with this skill is 15, set by Liu Xiaobie. This was done against Lu Hanwen in the Season 9 All-Star Weekend[32]
  • Huang Shaotian's highest combo with this skill is 14, set against Happy during Season 10 in their Quarter-Final match. However, his usage of the skill included moving his character, and using the technique of 'One step, One blade, One kill', which was better than Liu Xiaobie's 15-hit combo.[33]

75 Falling Blossom Form A forced Knock-down.
75 Meteor Form An attack with maxed speed.
75 Piercing Form A high-priority attack.
75 Curving Wind Form Sword qi moves towards the user, drawing in nearby enemies and objects in preparation for the attack.[34]
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Notable Users

Du Ming

Gao Jie

Huang Shaotian

Liu Xiaobie

Xu Boyuan

Notable Accounts

Blue Bridge Spring Snow

Blue River

Cloud Listening Blade

Flowing Tree

Poplar Beach

Slash Slash Draw

Sleeping Moon

Stellar Sword

Sunset Clouds

Troubling Rain

Wind Following Sword


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