A Swordsman sub-class that is available once a player reaches Level 20. Berserkers often prefer to trade their health for their opponent's due to the effects of the skill Blood Awakening.[1]

Due to the class' wild and aggressive nature, most of its skills have higher priority compared to that of other sub-classes.[2]


Greatsword: A weapon with the highest physical attack, but usually with an attack speed of 1.

Broadsword: A weapon with high physical attack, but low attack speed. This attack speed is usually 3.

Tachi: A weapon with high magic attack. Though lower than short swords, it has a higher attack speed, which is 7.[3]


Heavy Armor[4]


Level Skill Name Description
1 Backwards Slash A skill that knocks enemies into the air. It has the highest damage and knock-up effect of all sub-classes.[5]

Berserk: this skill has a longer range.[6]

Collapsing Mountain A skill where the users slams the ground, creating a shockwave.[7]

Berserk: this skill has Super Armor Status.[6]

5 Heavy Hit A skill in which damage is positively correlated with the weight of the weapon.[8]
Gore Cross A skill that creates an X on the targets body and causes a bleed effect.[7]
Colliding Stab A skill with an abnormal range that causes a knock-back effect.[9] The user charges with their blade facing forward and stabs the target.[10]
20 Blood Awakening A passive skill that establishes a negative correlation between health and strength. The lower the health, the higher the strength bonus.[11] It starts triggering when the player's health reaches 50%.[12]
25 Enrage A skill that gives the player the "Berserk" status for 20 seconds. During this time, the user receives buffs strength, attack speed, movement speed, and status resistance increased. The user also faces debuffs: intelligence, physical defense, and magical defense fall.[6]
Earth-Shattering Slash A skill whose damage and effects relies on the height of the user. The higher the user, the greater the attack and effects.[13]

Berserk: this skill is launched faster.[6]

Destruction Slash It damages the opponent and lowers their defense by up to 70% for 5 seconds.[14][2]
Demon-Slaying Slash An attack that deals outstanding damage and lower's the targets defense. When fully upgraded a blow from this skill can reduce the enemies defense by 30% for eight seconds.[15]
Whirlwind Strike A high level sword attack with a controllable movement effect.
Wild Blood Strike A skill with a blow-away effect that allows the player to strike either vertically or horizontally.[16]
Blood Sword A skill where the user shoots out a blood arrow at the target.[6] The user cuts their hand before activating this skill.
Soul-Devouring Crimson Grip An AoE control skill; all characters range of Soul-Devouring Crimson Grip are gripped by an aura of blood and dragged towards the user. It only affects movement and not any other skills. [17]
50 Bloodthirsty Fight During this time, the user receives a buff that increases strength, attack speed, movement speed and status resistance like Berserk. However, the buffs are 25% more than Berserk in terms of stats. It also gives Super Armor status. It also gives a Bloodthirsty Effect, which has 2 effects. One gives the user 10% lifesteal, while the other sacrifices one's health to heavily damage the opponent.[18]
70 Crimson Storm A skill that requires some time to initiate, but is extremely powerful. The user hits the ground with their sword, causing an explosion.[19]
75 Jedi Storm
75 Bloodthirst Allows the user to expend their own HP to increase their strength.
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Notable Users

Liang Fang

Liu Hao

Liang Yichun

Lou Guanning

Sun Zheping

Yu Feng

Sun Xiang

Notable Accounts

Hateful Sword

Loulan Slash

Changing Spring

Bloody Frenzy

Brilliant Edge

Blossoming Chaos

Another Summer of Sleep

Cross Knife


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