A Mage sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. Battle Mages use magic to strengthen themselves and battle in close combat. Because they can only use leather armor, their defense is not particularly outstanding.[1] They have a Strength growth rate of 3.5, and a weak 2.5 Vitality growth rate like other Mage classes.[2] They are proficient in two weapons, Poles and Battle Lances.[3]

Battle Mages tend to rely on chasers, which are triggered by certain skill usage and encircle the user for 30 seconds.[4] Chasers auto-chase their target, so they will never miss unless destroyed by another attack. Chasers are considered magic damage.[5] When successfully landed on a target (including the attack being blocked or using it as a block), users are buffed for 20 seconds based on a condition met and damage is dealt onto the opponent based on the chaser's size: small, medium or large. Chaser size does not affect the buff, but it does affect the damage.[6] The damage and effect of a chaser are strengthened through a higher combo count, which does not affect the passive buff. A user can only have a maximum of 7 chasers at any point of time.[7]

This class is said to be easy to learn, but difficult to master. The usage of Chasers as well as the technical requirements for Battle Spirit make proficiency challenging.[8]


Battle Lance/Spear: A Mage weapon that has high physical damage and range, but slow attack speed[9]

Staff/Pole: A Mage weapon that has high magic attack and an average attack speed.[10]


Magic Wand[11]


Leather: This armor type has the second weakest Physical defense.[12][13]


Level Skill Name Description
1 Sky Strike A skill that knocks enemies into the air.[14] The user's weapon strikes forward and sweeps diagonally in a slash.[15]
5 Dragon Tooth A skill that creates a brief stun.[14] It has priority over a Blade Master's Lunge[16] and can be used to block an attack.[17] The user thrusts their weapon forward in a stab.
10 Double Stab A skill that attacks twice.[18] The user stabs forward with their weapon in quick succession.[2]

Hidden Effect: If both attacks hit the same spot, it has a 50% chance to trigger a hidden Bleed effect.

15 Falling Flower Palm A skill with a blow away effect, which is stronger if the target is airborne.[19] The user holds their weapon behind them and extends their left hand, sending out a stream of petals.[20] It can be charged to have more power and has the option of the player standing still, or slipping forward.[21] It has a cooldown of 4 seconds.
20 Circle Swing A skill that knocks enemies down, dealing area of effect damage. It deals additional damage if the swing arcs for more than 180 degrees. It ignores Super Armor and negates Quick Recovery.[22]
Magic Shield A defensive skill that forcefully absorbs a burst of damage.[23]

One Autumn Leaf using Magic Shield

20 Neutral Chaser The lowest damage dealing chaser that activates through Dragon Tooth. Neutral chasers do magic damage.[24] It gives a 1% speed buff per level (Level 20 is the max level).[6] At max level, it gives a movement speed increase of 24%.[2] It creates a white magical aura around the legs.
25 Ice Chaser A chaser that is activated by Double Stab. It gives a brief stun to enemies, has a 50% chance to slow enemies for 3 seconds, and increases physical defense by 2% per level.[25] It creates a blue magical aura around the weapon tip.
30 Fire Chaser A chaser that is activated by Falling Flower Palm. It does Fire Elemental damage and gives 125 Strength at max level (9).[26] It creates a red magical aura around the arms.
Light Chaser A chaser that is activated by Sky Strike. It does Light Elemental damage and gives stats to the user.[27] It creates a yellow magical aura around the hands.
Shadow Chaser A chaser that is activated by Circle Swing. It deals Dark Elemental damage, and creates a purple magical aura around the weapon hilt.
Tyrant's Destruction A knock-up skill that aims for the opponents ankles and sweeps them into the air. It can hit multiple opponents at once.[28]
Hundred Dragon Meteor Strike The user's weapon splits into numerous afterimages. The spear shadows arc out damaging any enemies struck by these attacks.[29]
Phantom Dragon Teeth The user's weapon takes on the appearance of numerous Dragon Teeth, creating an unlimited number of afterimages depending on the user's speed and skill.[30]
50 Battle Spirit A passive skill with 7 stages that continuously increases Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and Strength based on the number of consecutive combos. A blocked attack is counted as a hit and adds to the combo. To maintain the stat buff, the user must reach the same combo count. Missing an attack resets the count. In reality, the seventh stage is practically impossible to achieve and is only practical in a chaotic battle with many targets which allows the Battle Mage to quickly rack up a high combo.[24] When the skill is used, a golden glow surrounds the body.[2]
  • 10 Hit-Combo: Attack speed x.5, Movement Speed 2%, Strength +30
  • 20 Hit Combo: Attack speed x1, Movement Speed 4%, Strength +50
  • 30 Hit Combo: Attack Speed x1.5, Movement Speed 6%, Strength +70
  • 40 Hit Combo: Attack Speed x2, Movement Speed 8%, Strength +90
  • 50 Hit Combo: Attack Speed x2.5, Movement Speed 10%, Strength +110
  • 60 Hit Combo: Attack Speed x3, Movement Speed 12%, Strength +130
  • 120 Hit Combo: Attack Speed x6, Movement Speed 24%, Strength +260[24]
50 Draconic Crusher A skill with extremely high priority. Targets hit by this skill will be subjected to a system knockdown effect.[31][32]
Dragon Rises from the Sea An attack skill that launches the user forward quickly, and flings out a water-like dragon with magical energy. Blue waves emanate from the user's spear which gather onto the spear’s tip, and are sent out when attacking a target. [33]

Dragon Rises from the Sea

60 Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart An attack skill with a range of 5 units and, as a high level skill, has a relatively long ending sequence.[34] The user's right hand pulls the end of their spear behind them, while their left hand supports the spear’s front, which is slanted into the air, before releasing a spear-like bolt of lightning that pierces the target.[35] Compared to other high level skills, though, the starting and ending lag are both considered low.[17]
65 Dragon Breaks the Ranks A skill with strong physical damage that charges the user forward a long distance. It is the Battle Mage's strongest physical attack. The user raises their spear with both hands, and light gathers at the tip of his spear before transforming into a beam that strikes the target.[36] Canceling the skill mid-animation does not have an ending lag.
70 Rising Dragon Soars the Sky A two-stage AoE skill dealing physical damage, twice, causing an explosion that deals magical damage with a grab effect.[36] [37] It has a long ending lag.[38] The user pulls back their spear and then lifts it, accumulating surging magic power onto its tip. Once the power forms a dragon the attack is released toward the target.[15]

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky


A different variant of the skill, Dragon Raises Its Head

75 Soaring Dragon Reigns the Heavens A drilling skills directed downwards. The energy created by the character’s spinning explodes into a whirlwind with the final stab.[39]
75 Cloud Whirling Windstorm The users spear whirls, whipping up the winds with a magic pulse which rages towards the target alongside the spear. If combined with Dragon Rises from the Sea, there is a mist effect similar to a [Ninja#Skills|Ninja's Smokebomb].[40]
75 Shattering the Lands The user stabs their spear into the ground sending magic energy into the ground that bursts out at a targeted location dealing an AoE damage and knock back effect where it breaks forth and sends earth flying.[41]
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Notable Users

Qiu Fei

Sun Xiang

Tang Rou

Wen Kebei

Xiao Yun

Ye Xiu

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