Skills and Abilities

Skills and Abilities

Bao Rongxing is first noted for his good instincts by Ye Xiu. However, when they first meet this is countered by his lack of knowledge and skill in the game.[1] Ye Xiu considers him to be rather difficult to train, because due to his original style he could possibly be one of the few rookie pros who plays similarly to the Pros of the Early days of Glory. Perhaps not the most refined, but incredibly hard to predict.

For a similar reason, Wei Chen once suggested Bao Rongxing as Ye Xiu's successor for Lord Grim. However, he still lacks the technical knowledge and precision of the other classes to make this a currently viable option.

His hand speed is above 300 APM.

Abilities [2] Rating
Luck ★★★★★
Operation ★★★


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