Volume 1: Banished Battle God

Bao Rongxing follows orders from Ye Xiu's Lord Grim to kill the Boneyard Wild Boss, Blood Gunner Yagg. When the Three Great Guilds charge to steal Blood Gunner Yagg, Rongxing thinks they are going to "help." Since he is new to Glory, he does not understand the importance of the Wild Boss to the big guilds. Rongxing trusts Ye Xiu and flees from the Wild Boss. Rongxing stops running away when he hears the gifts that each of the Three Great Guilds offer to join his party.[1]

Bao Rongxing gives the party leader position to Ye Xiu. When Ye Xiu orders everyone to increase their hand speed by 20%, Rongxing succeeds and outputs more damage onto Blood Gunner Yagg. He runs away from the randomly firing Blood Gunner Yagg and watches Ye Xiu's Lord Grim kill the Wild Boss. Rongxing and the others run away from members of the Three Great Guilds. He is warned by Ye Xiu to watch out for members of the Three Great Guilds that want revenge against Ye Xiu and his party for stealing a Wild Boss.

Bao Rongxing joins Ye Xiu, Seven Fields, Drifting Water, and Sunset Clouds to dungeon at Frost Forest and to learn more about Glory. Rongxing receives pointers on how to play as Brawler from Ye Xiu and his party members. After clearing Frost Forest with Seven Fields, Rongxing meets Ye Xiu's Lord Grim to practice and to learn more about Glory, so Rongxing can better utilize his hand speed.

Bao Rongxing goes to the Boneyard with Ye Xiu, Seven Fields, Drifting Water, and Sunset Clouds. Rongxing learns about the Brawler class from Ye Xiu. He initially ignores Ye Xiu's advice to rest, but Seven Fields and the others managed to persuade Rongxing to stop leveling so hard. Rongxing leaves the Boneyard to read guides that Ye Xiu recommended.

Bao Rongxing asks Ye Xiu when they are going to team up to dungeon. Rongxing is told by Ye Xiu to wait and to keep fighting in the Arena.[2] Following Ye Xiu's advice, Rongxing trades Arena points for a level 25 Purple Weapon, Fighter Claw. This weapon has a +1 Strangle, which will affect the record clear attempt of the Frost Forest. Rongxing temporarily joins the guild, Tyrannical Ambition, for the record clear attempt of Frost Forest with Ye Xiu's Lord Grim, Tang Rou's Soft Mist, Su Mucheng's Cleansing Mist, and Crowd Lover. Rongxing keeps up with the pace of the One Wave Push. He is surprised by the party's ability to kill the monsters, which is better than the practice runs due to the improved damage output with level 25 Purple weapons. He is amazed by Cleansing Mist's Delivery Gun. Rongxing's Steamed Bun Invasion, is a crucial member of the party due to his powerful skill, Strangle. Rongxing and the party breaks Frost Forest clear record with the time, 13 minutes, 5 seconds, and 47 milliseconds. Rongxing is thrilled that he is on TV (the Glory record clear announcement).

Bao Rongxing and the party continue to dungeon. They do not challenge the record again because Rongxing makes the occasional mistake, which ruins the chances of improving on their record time. After leveling with the party, Rongxing goes to the Arena to bully his opponents. With Ye Xiu's recommendation, Rongxing meets Liu Hao's Hateful Sword. Rongxing does not understand what "level or free" meant.[3] When Liu Hao explains that he meant "same-level" or "free-for-all," Rongxing understands and chooses free-for-all. In the duel, Rongxing is initially overwhelmed by Liu Hao's aggressive attacking. Rongxing is able to seize on his opportunities to win the duel. Against Liu Hao, Rongxing's Steamed Bun Invasion wins all five duels. Rongxing boasts to Ye Xiu that Hateful Sword was "not his opponent at all."[4]

When Ye Xiu's team sets the new record clear time of Boneyard, Bao Rongxing's Steamed Bun Invasion is dueling with Liu Hao's Hateful Sword in the Arena. Rongxing lectures Liu Hao about concentration and focus. In the next duel, Rongxing gets crushed by the angry Liu Hao. Rongxing joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng, and Liu Hao for a Boneyard dungeon run to experiment on Ye Xiu's new strategy. Rongxing watches Ye Xiu's Lord Grim trap four monsters into a crack in a stone wall, where three monster corpses block the other monster. One trapped monster saves time in a record clear attempt. When Liu Hao asks a question about any money that Ye Xiu makes, Rongxing lectures Liu Hao that setting records is about glory and fame and not money. Rongxing learns from the step-by-step instructions from Ye Xiu.

In the first attempt for the Boneyard record clear time, Bao Rongxing makes a large mistake in combat against the boss, Zombie Bailey, which Ye Xiu manages to fix. Rongxing and the party set the new Boneyard record clear time of 17 minutes, 22 seconds, and 17 milliseconds.[5]

Volume 2: Beginnings of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella

After Excellent Dynasty sets the new Boneyard record clear of 16 minutes, 56 seconds, and 78 milliseconds, Rongxing joins Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Tang Rou, and Huang Shaotian to prepare to break the record. When Rongxing learns that Liu Hao's Hateful Sword is an Excellent Dynasty spy, Rongxing privately messages insults to Liu Hao. Rongxing and the party clear Boneyard with a record time of 16 minutes, 24 seconds, and 67 milliseconds. After the record run of Boneyard, Rongxing goes to the Arena.

When Wang Jiexi's Plantago Seed attacks Ye Xiu's party, Rongxing's Steamed Bun Invasion tries to fight. With a counterattack and a combo, Rongxing loses easily, yet he persists in the fight. Rongxing watches as Lord Grim takes action against Plantago Seed.

At Boneyard, Bao Rongxing is leveling with Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Seven Fields, and Sleeping Moon. The party is attacked by Qiao Yifan's Ashen Moon. Rongxing takes the initiative to attack Ashen Moon. Rongxing fails to kill Ashen Moon. The party chases after the attackers. Rongxing learns from Ye Xiu that their opponents will be more satisfying to fight than in the opponents in the Arena. Rongxing is eager to fight when he sees the enemies, Ashen Moon, Weeping Crow, White Night Black Day, and Fallen Angel. Rongxing's Steamed Bun Invasion lands a Brick on Fallen Angel, and he laughs. With Ye Xiu's superior command and tactics, Rongxing and the party surround and suppress the four opponents to death. In the Arena, Rongxing duels with Tang Rou. Due to his intuitive play style, Rongxing fluctuates between wild wins and horrible losses.

Bao Rongxing agrees to Ye Xiu's call to set the Desolate Lands record clear time. Rongxing joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng, and Maple Tree to learn the strategy in a practice dungeon run at Desolate Lands. Rongxing laughs at Maple Tree's shouts of OT. Rongxing makes fun of Maple Tree's concerns of OT. Rongxing is called out by Ye Xiu for making a mistake. Rongxing and the party fail to break the Desolate Lands record clear due to Maple Tree's constant mistakes. Rongxing goes to Congee City to buy a new weapon for his Steamed Bun Invasion character. Rongxing found a level 30 Orange Weapon, Vampiric Claw, which was too expensive for Ye Xiu, and looks for other weapons. With Ye Xiu's Gold, Rongxing buys a level 30 Purple Sandstorm Claw. Rongxing praises Ye Xiu's in-game wealth. Rongxing, Tang Rou, and Ye Xiu go to Line Canyon.

Bao Rongxing joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng, and Maple Tree for another attempt to break the Desolate Lands record clear time. Rongxing watches Ye Xiu's Lord Grim suppress Ruler Toya, the final Boss of Desolate Lands. Rongxing and the party break the Desolate Lands record clear time with a time of 28 minutes, 1 second, and 27 milliseconds. Rongxing joins Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, and Tang Rou to kill the Fire Forest's Wild Boss, Fire Witch Cashew. Rongxing learns from Ye Xiu about the severity of level 6 suppression, which neutralizes 60-100% of skill effects. Rongxing and Tang Rou run and wait on the wings while Ye Xiu and Mucheng get the aggro of the Wild Boss. Following Ye Xiu's strategy, Bao Rongxing interrupts Fire Witch Cashew's skills, which nullifies the Wild Boss's damage. Rongxing shouts his character's skills as he fights against the Wild Boss. After three and a half hours, Rongxing and the party obtain the first kill of Fire Witch Cashew.

In front of the Desolate Lands entrance, Bao Rongxing calls Poplar Beach an "illiterate," who is angered into attacking Rongxing. Rongxing cannot land a skill against Poplar Beach, and the fight is stopped by Ye Xiu and Liang Yichun.[6] Near the entrance of Desolate Lands dungeon, Rongxing meets Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash. On the first Desolate Lands run, Rongxing, Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng, and Yifan practice Ye Xiu's strategy. On the second dungeon run, Rongxing and the party aim to break Blue Brook Guild's record clear time. Rongxing and the party destroy Blue Brook Guild's Desolate Lands record with a time of 22 minutes, 35 seconds, and 22 milliseconds. On the third and final run, Rongxing and the party improve on their old record with a time of 22 minutes, 29 seconds, and 57 milliseconds. Afterward, he joins Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Yifan to dungeon at Line Canyon.

The next day, Bao Rongxing joins Ye Xiu's party to dungeon at Line Canyon. Rongxing and the party stumble upon the hidden boss, Illusion Swordmaster Ahong. Since Rongxing knows little specifics about Glory's bosses, Ye Xiu gives Rongxing a brief overview of the hidden boss. Rongxing manages to land the Sand Toss skill on the hidden boss, but he is generally ineffectual in the team fight. When the hidden boss uses Shadow Steps to create real copies for each member of the party, Rongxing fights with ruthless skills, such as Sand Toss and Brick. He is surprised that Ye Xiu also works at an Internet cafe. Rongxing tells the party that he is an Internet cafe security guard.

Bao Rongxing and the party attacked and traded damage to kill Illusion Swordmaster Ahong. He looked at the item drops and is disappointed. Rongxing finds Line Canyon Map Piece Three. He learns this is one of the four pieces necessary to get access to a hidden dungeon. Rongxing continues to dungeon with the party. On the third and final dungeon run, Rongxing and the party set a new Line Canyon record clear with a time of 30 minutes, 21 seconds, and 56 milliseconds. While Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan log out, Rongxing joins Ye Xiu and Tang Rou to level at Desolate Lands. Afterward, Rongxing goes to the Arena to oppress his opponents.

The next day, Bao Rongxing goes to Line Canyon to meet up with Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Su Mucheng, and Qiao Yifan. Rongxing shouts that enemies are chasing to kill him to Ye Xiu. Rongxing manages to stay alive. Rongxing hides in a dried out well. He meets Concealed Light, who logs in and appears in the well. Rongxing jumps out of the well and runs away with Concealed Light, who shows Rongxing a way to escape his pursuers in Hades Village. After multiple questions from Concealed Light, Rongxing says he never used an Orange weapon before. Rongxing receives orders from Ye Xiu to meet at Congee Forest, which in between the Line Canyon and the Congee City area. With Concealed Light leading the way, Rongxing escapes his initial pursuers. With his amazing intuition, Rongxing hears an enemy, who is 1.5 units away. Rongxing suppresses and kills his enemy. He sees the mechanically incompetent Concealed Light, who appears to be raping a wall. Rongxing follows Concealed Light to Congee Forest.

When Ye Xiu's Lord Grim and Huang Shaotian's Flowing Tree is surrounded, Rongxing, Concealed Light, Su Mucheng, Qiao Yifan, and Tang Rou appear to cause chaos in the enemy's rear. Rongxing coordinates with Ye Xiu to break up the enemy forces. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu's orders to trap the retreating enemy.

After obliterating the enemy forces, Bao Rongxing and the other party members compare each other's number of player kills. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu's lead in fleeing the battleground, which will eventually swarm with enemy reinforcements. Rongxing hears Flowing Tree's true identity, Huang Shaotian, and wonders who that is. Rongxing learns that Shaotian, the Sword Saint, is the strongest Blade Master, and wants to fight against this powerful player. Rongxing learns about the strongest Brawler, Lin Jingyan's Three Hits. Rongxing learns that the aging Lin Jingyan is in decline while the young Tang Hao is rising as the best Brawler player. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Qiao Yifan, and Su Mucheng to dungeon at Line Canyon. Bao Rongxing gets bored, and his performance drops.[7]

Volume 3: Golden Strategy

Bao Rongxing is challenged by Ye Xiu to compete with Tang Rou in a limited practice competition. Rongxing defeats his two monsters quicker than Tang Rou. After finishing the run, Rongxing and the party exit Line Canyon. Rongxing helps Ye Xiu assassinate Endless Night and four Tyrannical Ambition members. Rongxing and the party wait around another Line Canyon dungeon entrance to seek revenge for the huge battle in Congee Forest. Rongxing and the party ambush and kill five Samsara Guild members. After running into a Void Walk party, Rongxing attacks the Blossom Valley party. Rongxing overextends and fights against five Blossom Valley members, which causes Ye Xiu to jump into the battle.

Bao Rongxing and Ye Xiu kill two Blossom Valley members. With Tyrannical Ambition's appearance, Rongxing fights the Blossom Valley players and dodges attacks from Crowd Lover. Rongxing kills Backlight Bomb, the last surviving member of Blossom Valley. Rongxing helps Ye Xiu in suppressing and killing Crowd Lover. Rongxing kills the Cleric to finish off Crowd Lover's party. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu to take a detour to avoid the enemy alliance members. Bao Rongxing contributes to Ye Xiu's Line Canyon record clear time of 29 minutes, 51 seconds, and 44 milliseconds. With Mucheng and Yifan logging off to rest, Rongxing goes with Ye Xiu and Tang Rou to level.

When Ye Xiu finds Cliff Ronin Alpine, the Line Canyon Wild Boss, Bao Rongxing is eager to kill steal the wild boss. Rongxing hides with Ye Xiu and Tang Rou on the wings. Rongxing sees five enemies from Tyrannical Ambition. After looking again, he sees six enemy players. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu and Tang Rou to a pit on the side of a cliff, and they wait for the Tyrannical Ambition players to pull the wild boss over. Rongxing cautiously follows Ye Xiu down the mountainside to avoid exposing themselves prior to launching the ambush. Under Ye Xiu's orders, Rongxing jumps out to attack the Tyrannical Ambition Cleric. Rongxing fights against the enemy Cleric, who retreats. Rongxing chases and kills the enemy Cleric. Rongxing and the party kill all six members of the Tyrannical Ambition party. He is shocked by Ye Xiu's amazing mechanical prowess, which suppresses Cliff Ronin Alpine.

With Ye Xiu and Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing kills Cliff Ronin Alpine, the Line Canyon Wild Boss. Bao Rongxing agrees to join Ye Xiu for a PK against Tyrannical Ambition. Rongxing kills a pursuer but breaks his claw weapon. Rongxing runs around to wind up his enemies and gets his character killed by a large mob of monsters. Rongxing respawns at Congee City. Rongxing buys a weapon for himself and Flowing Tree. Rongxing goes to the Arena to meet with Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, and Huang Shaotian. Rongxing charges forward with Ye Xiu in the lead. Rongxing learns from Shaotian that the Tyrannical Ambition players are baiting Rongxing to throw a brick. Rongxing does what he can to keep the enemy inside the lava river.

At Congee City, Bao Rongxing is stuck inside Congee City because enemy players are outside the exits waiting for him to exit the safe area. Rongxing tells Ye Xiu about his situation. When Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng fight the opponents, Rongxing escapes. With Ye Xiu and Mucheng, Rongxing ambushes and kills the enemy pursuers. At Fire Forest, Rongxing attacks and kills the enemy guild alliance members. Bao Rongxing fights monsters while maintaining a safe distance from the huge enemy formation. Following Ye Xiu and Mucheng, Rongxing sees the Fire Witch Cashew. Rongxing learns from Ye Xiu that they will be true spectators. Rongxing and Mucheng hide while Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim goes out to create chaos. Rongxing watches the chaos when the seven enemy guilds fight amongst themselves. Rongxing wants to massacre the enemy guild members and to kill the Fire Witch Cashew. Rongxing retreats. With Ye Xiu and Mucheng, Rongxing goes to Line Canyon.

With Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Yifan, and Su Mucheng, Bao Rongxing goes to dungeon at Line Canyon. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu’s safe roundabout routes to avoid enemy players, which wastes one hour compared to the regular routes. Rongxing learns from Ye Xiu that they need to level up, which is the most effective way of fighting against the enemy guilds. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu to Fire Forest to kill monsters. On the following days, Rongxing is ambushed and killed by the enemy players. Rongxing respawns at Bulls Town, where fewer enemies are lurking around compared to Congee City.

Bao Rongxing tells everyone that he likes to play with Ye Xiu, who makes Glory more fun. Rongxing agrees with Ye Xiu to level up and to steal bosses at the Heavenly Domain. Rongxing laughs when he reads the world chat, which is full of insults at Tyrannical Ambition. Rongxing meets Concealed Light. Rongxing learns from Ye Xiu that Concealed Light has solid theoretical knowledge but lacks actual experience in Glory. Rongxing acts superior and demands Concealed Light to call him ‘Senior.’[8] After three Desolate Lands dungeon runs, Rongxing receives a challenge from Concealed Light for a duel in the Arena. Rongxing defeats Concealed Light in ten consecutive duels. Rongxing brags about defeating Concealed Light until he is reminded by Ye Xiu to not get complacent.

Bao Rongxing talks with Ye Xiu in game. Rongxing cries over the fact that he missed the Christmas event at Sin City, which helped Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Cleansing Mist to level 38. Rongxing gives his phone number to Ye Xiu to make sure that he never misses an important in-game event again. Rongxing is thrilled that he will be gifted Ye Xiu’s level 40 Orange weapon, Shadow Claw, once Rongxing’s Steamed Bun Invasion reaches level 40.[9]

Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

Bao Rongxing joins Ye Xiu’s Guild Happy.[10] Rongxing joins Ye Xiu and the party in attacking the Guardian. When Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng retreat, Rongxing coordinates with Tang Rou to control the aggro of the Guardian. Rongxing and the team manage to get the low-health Guardian to kneel, which signifies their victory. Bao Rongxing stands on the shore for the retreating enemies. After Horse Shooter shoots four out of the five enemies back into the water, Rongxing throws a Brick to stun the opponent. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu’s orders to chase after the fleeing enemy.

Bao Rongxing dodges the enemy Berserker’s counterattack. Rongxing follows Tang Rou’s order to knock the 10 opponents back into the water for Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng to destroy. Rongxing and Tang Rou manage to knock 5 out of the 10 opponents into the water. Rongxing goes under water to see Ye Xiu and Mucheng destroy the enemies. Rongxing watches Ye Xiu and Mucheng swim out of the lake. Rongxing is unable to help Ye Xiu and Mucheng in the water ambush against Blossom Valley’s dungeon team. Rongxing is able to adjust to water combat faster than Tang Rou. Rongxing follows Ye Xiu, who finds an enemy team to ambush. Near the shore, Rongxing joins Ye Xiu in ambushing a Misty Castle dungeon team.

Bao Rongxing follows Ye Xiu out of Thousand Waves Lake to a hiding spot on the main road from Congee City to Thousand Waves Lake. Rongxing learns from Ye Xiu to message instead of speaking, so they can hear the enemy’s footsteps. Rongxing crouches and follows Thousand Creations to be behind the enemy. After Mucheng’s initiation, Rongxing jumps up and ambushes the five Misty Castle players. Rongxing and the team swiftly kill the five Misty Castle players.[11] When Rongxing learns from Ye Xiu that Misty Castle will probably avoid the area, Rongxing jokes that the enemy is smart for knowing what fear is. Under Ye Xiu’s orders, Rongxing leaves Thousand Waves Lake to train.[12] In the Spring Festival, Rongxing logs in early for the New Year event.[13]

Volume 6: Mainstream Tank

On the 10th Server, Bao Rongxing invites Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim to dungeon.[14] Rongxing replies to Ye Xiu’s encouragement by promising to take care of the 10th Server for him.[15]


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