Bao Rongxing (包荣兴) is an Esports player of Glory, who plays as a Brawler. He is a member of Happy and the user of Steamed Bun Invasion (包子入侵).


Bao Rongxing has long, blond hair. He looks young.[1] He has purple eyes. According to Lin Jingyan, he would be instantly recognized as a Brawler if thrown on the streets, and even a handsome one at that.[2]


Despite his intimidating appearance, he is easygoing. He doesn't care about what people think of him, and instead, he acts according to his feelings.

Bao Rongxing is extremely decisive. When Chen Guo invites him to join team Happy, Rongxing agrees to visit City H to join Happy in person.[3] Bao Rongxing is extremely unpredictable. When he met Cui Li for the first time, Rongxing misunderstands that Excellent Era is their enemy while supporting and consoling Cui Li, who thinks Rongxing is playing mind games.[4]

He takes things literally. When Wei Chen jokes about someone bringing him a bucket so he can throw up, Bao Rongxing goes to grab him one.[5]

Bao Rongxing is extremely ignorant of highly complex details. When he follows Luo Ji’s skill book quest instructions, Rongxing attempts to deviate from the instructions. Rongxing claims that he does not like reading the specific details in the guide. Rongxing has been warned several times by Ye Xiu to follow the guide word for word.[6]


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