Backlight Bomb is the 10th Server guild leader of Blossom Valley.[1]




Volume 3: Golden Strategy

Backlight Bomb leads four other Blossom Valley members to fight against Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion.[1] Backlight Bomb fights wretchedly. He is suppressed by Steamed Bun.[2] Backlight Bomb is weak at close-range, and he dies to Steamed Bun.[3]

Backlight Bomb supports Cold Night’s idea to stop actively hunting Lord Grim. Backlight Bomb mentions all of their previous efforts have failed miserably. He tells his fellow guild leaders to only group up if Lord Grim appears.[4] With fellow guild leaders, Backlight Bomb agrees to passively hunt for Lord Grim.[5] At Sin City, Backlight Bomb is shocked by the scene of Christmas thieves charging at the watch tower.[6] Backlight Bomb stays and watches Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist fight the Christmas thieves.[7]

Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

In a group chat with other guild leaders, Backlight Bomb is angry and reveals that his dungeon team died.[8] Backlight Bomb reveals that Lord Grim ambushed a 10th Server Blossom Valley dungeon team at Thousand Waves Lake.[9] Backlight Bomb suggests for Cold Night to go negotiate with Ye Xiu if Xu Boyuan does not want to negotiate. Backlight Bomb sees Cold Night’s message of ceding Thousand Waves Lake to Ye Xiu or paying up uncommon materials to Ye Xiu.[10] Later, Backlight Bomb leaves the group chat.[11]

Skills and Abilities



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