Arisaema is a player of Glory. He is the guild leader of Herb Garden.




Volume 2: Beginnings of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella

On QQ, Arisaema orders Plantago Seed to take out free 10th Server accounts, which include a Ghostblade, a Sharpshooter, a Battle Mage, an Assassin, and a Witch, for Wang Jiexi.[1]

Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

On the 10th Server, Arisaema meets with Liang Yichun and Jiang You. Arisaema agrees with the two other guild leaders to plant spies in Guild Happy. In a QQ chatroom, Arisaema meets Yichun, Xu Boyuan, Cold Night, Plantago Seed, Lonely Drink, and two other infiltrators. Arisaema and the other guild leaders deal with Ye Xiu’s ultimatum to the spies to stay or to leave Guild Happy. Arisaema is at a standstill on the spies who will leave or who will stay. Arisaema allows Plantago Seed to remove the exposed spies from Guild Happy.

In the group chat, Arisaema watches Boyuan reveal Lord Grim’s true identity as Ye Qiu. Arisaema already knows Lord Grim’s true identity, so he is not surprised. When Chen Yehui refuses to fight against Guild Happy, Arisaema believes the rumors of Ye Qiu being forced out of Excellent Era. Arisaema thinks that Lord Grim suppressing Excellent Dynasty is clear evidence of retribution against Excellent Era, which purged Ye Qiu from the club. In the formal discussion, Arisaema agrees with Jiang You that killing Guild Happy members is the only option. Arisaema argues that they should focus on killing the five high-level characters of Guild Happy.[2] Arisaema believes targeting Thousand Creations is enough to attack. Arisaema agrees in hunting down and killing Thousand Creations to halt Guild Happy’s progress.

Arisaema chats with the other guilds and believes that they are too cautious. He reluctantly waits because Liang Yichun and Bound Boat advise against attacking. After half an hour, Arisaema does not hear any reports of Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Soft Mist, or other elites from Guild Happy. Arisaema and the other guild leaders order the attack on Thousand Creations. Arisaema joins in ambushing Thousand Creations. With chaos erupting in the lake, Arisaema is surprised by Ye Xiu’s ambush.[3]

Arisaema is nervous about fighting against Ye Xiu, who has the advantage in fighting in the lake. Arisaema advocates for surrendering the Thousand Waves Lake to Ye Xiu. Arisaema orders his Herb Garden players away from the lake area and splits up his elites into teams to level. Later, Arisaema leaves the 10th Server to return to the Heavenly Domain. Arisaema is shocked when he learns of Blossom Valley dungeon team’s assassination.

Arisaema hears about Ye Xiu assassinating a 10th Server Misty Castle dungeon team at Thousand Waves Lake. Arisaema is shocked by Boyuan’s belief that Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim will ascend to the Heavenly Domain at level 50. Arisaema is cautious after hearing Jiang You’s risky plan to suppress Ye Xiu and Guild Happy on the 10th Server. Arisaema agrees with Boyuan’s plan to retreat to the Heavenly Domain and to prepare for Ye Xiu’s ascendancy into the Heavenly Domain. With Plantago Seed, Arisaema leaves the group chat.

Later in group chat, Arisaema advises everyone that Ye Xiu is playing mind games with them. Arisaema joins Misty Lock in deploying troops at Sin City to lure Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim into battle. After Ye Xiu does not appear, Arisaema and his Herb Garden players leave the Sin City dungeon entrance area to level. Arisaema is angry about the possibility that a few guilds are feeding Ye Xiu information about elite players leveling around Thousand Waves Lake.[4]

Volume 5: Deception

In Wilderness Town, Arisaema joins Changing Spring and Chen Yehui to hunt down Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. With Lord Grim’s appearance, Arisaema assembles his Herb Dynasty players to hunt down Ye Xiu. Arisaema hears from his subordinates that Lord Grim is surviving well with being surrounded. Arisaema learns from his players that Lord Grim and Deception split up. Arisaema agrees with Yehui to kill Deception, who is an infamous target for the guilds. Arisaema learns that Lord Grim is moving west, which leads to an impassible mountain range. Arisaema orders his troops to the north to encircle Lord Grim.[5] Arisaema is worried about Lord Grim’s five-minute disappearance from the news reports from his players.[6]

Arisaema is excited to find Lord Grim. Arisaema agrees with Liang Yichun’s plan to encircle Lord Grim. Arisaema learns that Lord Grim killed Excellent Dynasty’s Golden Fragrance. Arisaema orders his players to be cautious of Lord Grim.[7] Arisaema learns that Ye Xiu kills one player and disappears. Arisaema does not understand what Ye Xiu is trying to do. Arisaema learns from Chen Yehui that Lord Grim and Deception are fighting Excellent Dynasty players.[8] Arisaema learns that Yehui’s 3 Excellent Dynasty players died 1 minute after encountering Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim and Deception. Arisaema consoles Yehui, yet Arisaema is thrilled that Excellent Dynasty is suffering.[9]

Arisaema learns from Chen Yehui that the new plan is to encircle Lord Grim and to swarm him. Arisaema thinks that Yehui knows that Herb Garden is moving slower than the other guilds to lower their losses in a fruitless fight against Lord Grim.[10] Arisaema is angry that his numerically superior forces cannot kill Lord Grim. He is furious that Lord Grim and Deception are exterminating 3-player teams. With Liang Yichun and Yehui, Arisaema organizes 5-player teams to hunt down Lord Grim. Arisaema compacts the formation to reduce the area, where Lord Grim and Deception are hiding.[11] Arisaema learns from Yehui that Lord Grim escaped the encirclement. Arisaema orders 1 team to assist Golden Fragrance’s team. Arisaema hears from his team that Lord Grim and Deception have 5 allies. Arisaema orders his remaining troops to form 10-player teams and to hold the lines of encirclement.[12]

Arisaema learns from the dead Orobanche that Lord Grim slaughtered his Herb Garden team. Arisaema sends Lord Grim’s coordinates to Liang Yichun and Chen Yehui. Arisaema learns that Yichun’s 10-man team died to Lord Grim. Arisaema realizes that Lord Grim is moving north to escape the encirclement. Arisaema believes that his forces died too quickly to Lord Grim’s mysterious allies. He sends out orders to investigate Lord Grim’s allies. Arisaema finds out that the Berserker, Cleric, Elementalist, Battle Mage, and Grappler are possibly Heavenly Justice’s five experts. Arisaema has no conclusive evidence because the opponents are using open accounts, which hide the players' true identity.[13]

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