Season 2 of The King's Avatar will air on September 25, 2020. The season will consist of 12 episodes.


After leaving Excellent Dynasty, Chen Guo has formed Happy Guild alongside Ye Xiu in the 10th Server. After the All-Star Tournament, Ye Xiu has continued to dedicate his all to Glory, while Chen Guo works behind the scenes for his eventual return to the professional scene. In the 10th server, the talk is all about the new yet powerful members of Happy Guild. Meanwhile, Lord Grim, the guild leader of Happy, is silently gathering talented players, making his own team of to-be kings...


This is a list of all the episodes from the The King's Avatar animation's second season.

# Image Title Air Date

Episode 16 [[Animation/Episode 16|]]

Pinyin: '

September 25, 2020
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