The third and final episode of The King's Avatar OVA aired on May 11th, 2018 and covers the Season 8 All-Star Weekend.



Ye Xiu

Tang Rou

Chen Guo playing as Chasing Haze

Su Mucheng

Huang Shaotian

Yu Wenzhou

Qiao Yifan

Gao Yingjie

Wang Jiexi

Liu Fei

Sun Xiang

Liu Hao

2 Excellent Era players

Han Wenqing

Zhang Xinjie

Du Ming

Zhou Zekai

Jiang Botao



  • Tang Rou's first match against Du Ming lasted over 10 minutes in the animation, whereas in the novel it lasted only 7 minutes and 34 seconds.
  • In the animation, Ye Xiu left his cigarettes in the stadium as compared to the novel where he was able to smoke while Su Mucheng was eating ice-cream.
  • In this episode, audiences were called out through a number generator for the Pro vs Player battle. In the novel, however, buzzers were used to pick an audience member.
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