All-Star Weekend is a gathering of pro players the first weekend of every year by Glory Pro Alliance. The gathering is composed of numerous performances, and the 24 pros that compete are chosen through a fan vote. Every year, a different club hosts the event, of which some parts are broadcasted on TV and through the internet.

Day 1

Rookie Challenge Competition

The participants for the Rookie Challenge Competition are not chosen through the typical fan vote. As long as they have not been a pro for less than two full years, they are qualified to sign up. Afterwards, they are allowed to freely choose any non-rookie player to battle one-on-one with them. The two parties typically do not use their own accounts, but rather they use two characters provided by the host to fight. Through this method, the battlefield is leveled since one person will not have a more powerful character.[1]

Day 2


In each session, players from the audience will be selected randomly to play a mini-game against a pro player. Games include Glory’s running race, climbing race, target match, and obstacle course.[2]

Player vs Pro Battle

One pro player would come out and receive challenges from the audience. This is the most traditional event of All-star Weekend

Day 3

All-Star Competitions

This is the most popular and important event during the All-star Weekend. The 24 all-star players that were chosen by the fans are split into two teams. They are to compete in an official match format—an individual competition, a group competition, and a team competition. Players can only play in one of these three games.

Season 8

Host: Samsara


Team Player
Samsara Zhou Zekai
Jiang Botao
Blue Rain Huang Shaotian
Yu Wenzhou
Yu Feng
Tiny Herb Wang Jiexi
Deng Fusheng
Li Yihui
Tyranny Han Wenqing
Zhang Xinjie
Excellent Era Sun Xiang
Su Mucheng
Wind Howl Lin Jingyan
Fang Rui
Void Li Xuan
Wu Yuce
Hundred Blossoms Zou Yuan
Tang Hao
Misty Rain Chu Yunxiu
Li Hua
Thunderclap Xiao Shiqin
301 Degrees Yang Cong
Royal Style Tian Sen
Seaside Zhao Yang

Rookie Challenge

Rookie challenger Veteran challenged Winner
Dai Yanqi Chu Yunxiu Chu Yunxiu
Gao Yingjie Wang Jiexi Gao Yingjie
Qiao Yifan Li Xuan Li Xuan
Tang Hao Lin Jingyan Tang Hao
Sun Xiang Han Wenqing Han Wenqing
Yu Nian Zhou Zekai Zhou Zekai


Hurdles: Zhou Zekai

High Jump: Su Mucheng

Targets: Huang Shaotian

Player vs Pro Battle

Pro player: Du Ming

Challenger: Tang Rou

All-Star Competitions

Team A: Zhou Zekai(captain), Jiang Botao, Yu Wenzhou, Huang Shaotian, Yu Feng, Chu Yunxiu, Li Hua, Tang Hao, Zou Yuan, Sun Xiang, Su Mucheng, Yang Cong

Team B: Wang Jiexi(captain), Deng Fusheng, Li Yihui, Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Li Xuan, Wu Yuce, Lin Jingyan, Fang Rui,  Xiao Shiqin, Tian Sen, Zhao Yang


Team A Team B Winner
Individual Challenge Yang Cong Tian Sen Tian Sen
Zou Yuan Li Yihui Zou Yuan
Yu Feng Fang Rui Yu Feng
Group Challenge Sun Xiang Lin Jingyan Team A
Li Hua
Zhao Yang
Tang Hao
Xiao Shiqin
Team Challenge Zhou Zekai Wang Jiexi Team A
Su Mucheng Deng Fusheng
Yu Wenzhou Zhang Xinjie
Huang Shaotian Li Xuan
Chu Yunxiu Wu Yuce

Jiang Botao


Han Wenqing


Season 9

Host: Tiny Herb


Team Player Rank
Samsara Zhou Zekai 1
Jiang Botao 5
Lu Boyuan (new)
Blue Rain Huang Shaotian 2
Yu Wenzhou 7
Lu Hanwen(new) 18
Tiny Herb Wang Jiexi 3
Xu Bin(new) 14
Gao Yingjie(new)
Tyranny Han Wenqing 4
Zhang Xinjie 8
Lin Jingyan
Zhang Jiale
Wind Howl Tang Hao 6
Fang Rui 17
Void Li Xuan
Wu Yuce
Hundred Blossoms Zou Yuan 24
Yu Feng
Misty Rain Chu Yunxiu
Li Hua
301 Degrees Yang Cong 22
Royal Style Tian Sen 21
Seaside Zhao Yang 23


Rookie Challenge

Rookie challenger Veteran challenged Winner
Lu Hanwen Liu Xiaobie Liu Xiaobie
Zhao Yuzhe Chu Yunxiu Chu Yunxiu
Lou Guanning Yu Feng Yu Feng


Diving: Li Xuan, Shu Kexin, Shu Keyi



Player vs Pro Battle

Pro player: Gao Yingjie

All-Star Competitions

Team A: Wang Jiexi, Xu Bin, Gao Yingjie, Zhou Zekai, Jiang Botao, Lu Boyuan, Tang Hao, Fang Rui, Tian Sen, Zhao Yang, Yu Feng, Zou Yuan

Team B: Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Lin Jingyan, Zhang Jiale, Li Xuan, Wu Yuce, Yu Wenzhou, Huang Shaotian, Lu Hanwen, Chu Yunxiu, Li Hua, Yang Cong


Team A Team B Winner
Team Challenge Zhang Xinjie Team B

Season 10

Host: Tyranny


Team Player Rank
Samsara Zhou Zekai 1
Jiang Botao 9
Sun Xiang (return) 6
Lu Boyuan 20
Happy Ye Xiu (return) 2
Su Mucheng (return)
Blue Rain Huang Shaotian 5
Yu Wenzhou 11
Lu Hanwen
Tiny Herb Wang Jiexi 4
Xu Bin 16
Gao Yingjie
Tyranny Han Wenqing 12
Zhang Xinjie 7
Wind Howl Tang Hao 8
Liu Hao (new) 17
Void Li Xuan
Wu Yuce
Hundred Blossoms Zou Yuan 23
Yu Feng 10
Misty Rain Chu Yunxiu
Li Hua
301 Degrees Yang Cong 24
Thunderclap Xiao Shiqin (return) 3


Rookie Challenge

Challenger Veteran Challenged Winner
Li Jiu Ye Xiu Ye Xiu
Guo Shao Ye Xiu Ye Xiu
Wen Ke Bei Ye Xiu Ye Xiu
Unknown Ye Xiu Ye Xiu
Gai Caijie Ye Xiu Gai Caijie*
Ceng Xinran & Song Qiying Ye Xiu Ceng Xinran & Song Qiying**

*-Ye Xiu gave up the game at the start

**-Ye Xiu threw the game at the end


Hot-Blooded Dodgeball

Teams: Samsara, Happy, Miracle, Tiny Herb, Thunderclap and 3 teams from the audience

Samsara: Jiang Botao, Du Ming, Wu Qi

Happy: Wei Chen, Luo Ji, Bao Rongxing

Miracle: Shen Jian, Guo Shao, Jia Xing

Thunderclap: Xiao Shiqin, Dai Yanqi, Lu Yining

Tiny Herb: Gao Yingjie, Liu Xiaobie, Zhou Yebai

Matchup Winner
Audience Team vs Audience Team Audience Team
Tiny Herb vs Audience Team Tiny Herb
Samsara vs Happy Happy
Miracle vs Thunderclap Miracle

Winner: Happy

Three-legged Race

Player vs Pro Battle

Pro player: Qin Muyun

Last Day challenge

Team A: Zhou Zekai, Sun Xiang, Jiang Botao, Lu Boyuan, Yu Wenzhou, Huang Shaotian, Lu Hanwen, Tang Hao, Liu Hao, Li Xuan, Wu Yuce, Xiao Shiqin

Team B: Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Wang Jiexi, Xu Bin, Gao Yingjie, Yu Feng, Zou Yuan, Chu Yunxiu, Li Hua, Yang Cong,


Team A Team B Winner
Individual challenge Lu Boyuan Yang Cong Yang Cong
Jiang Botao Zou Yuan Jiang Botao
Liu Hao Li Hua Li Hua
Group challenge Lu Hanwen Xu Bin Draw*
Li Xuan
Gao Yingjie
Wu Yuce
Zhang Xinjie
Team challenge Zhou Zekai Ye Xiu Team B
Huang Shaotian Su Mucheng
Sun Xiang Han Wenqing
Yu Wenzhou Chu Yunxiu
Tang Hao Wang Jiexi
Xiao Shiqin (substitute) Yu Feng (substitute)

* - The match had gone on for too long, and was canceled. Each team received one point from the Group Challenge


  • Pros can talk in battle during All-Star Weekend.
  • Fans can buy tickets for one day or three days. Tickets are really hard to obtain.
  • Zhou Zekai has been ranked first and Ye Xiu second in popularity (except for Season 8 and Season 9 since Ye Xiu wasn't playing pro at the time).
  • Han Wenqing has been selected since Season 3 of All-Star (8 years).
    • The Season 10 All-Star was the first time he placed outside of top 10.
  • In Season 8, All-Star introduced for the first time a new technology of projection.
  • In the animation, the Season 8 High Jump event only featured 6 players, instead of the novel's 8.
  • In Season 10, Han Wenqing and Ye Xiu were on the same team for the last day's event.
  • All rookies in the Rookie Challenge during Season 10 challenged Ye Xiu.
  • During the Season 10 All-Stars, Ye Xiu's Lord Grim was the only one without a Level 75 Silver Equipment.
  • All players who have participated in the All-Star Weekend before has entered the Pro League's playoffs before, with the exception of Zhao Yang.


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