All-Star Account is an account that has been thoroughly developed, but is not at the God-Level tier.

All-Star Accounts

Account Name (English) Account Name (Chinese) Team Class Account Nickname
(If Available)
User Silver Weapon
Angelica 独活 Tiny Herb Knight The First Knight Deng Fusheng (Former)
Xu Bin
Wall of Sigh
Blossoming Chaos 落花狼藉 Hundred Blossoms Berserker The First Berserker Sun Zheping (Former)
Yu Feng
Burial Blossoms
Boundless Sea 海无量 Seaside (Former)
Qi Master Dirty Qi Master

The First Qi Master

Zhao Yang (Former)
Fang Rui
Mirrored Moon
Bright Blossoms 花繁似锦 Hundred Blossoms Spitfire Zou Yuan
Brilliant Edge 锋芒慧剑 Blue Rain (Former)
Heavenly Sword
Berserker Yu Feng (Former) Rushing Thunder Sword
Carved Ghost 鬼刻 Void Ghostblade Wu Yuce Heavenly Crimson Lotus
Crying Devil 逢山鬼泣 Void Ghostblade The First Phantom Demon Li Xuan Four Heavenly Wheels
Ghost Killer Seal
Dancing Rain 沐雨橙风 Excellent Era (Former)
Launcher The First Launcher Su Muqiu (Former)
Su Mucheng
Devouring Sun
Dark Forest 林暗草惊 Misty Rain Ninja The First Ninja Li Hua Sixteen Nights
Doubtful Demon 鬼迷神疑 Wind Howl Thief The First Thief Fang Rui (Former)
Lin Feng
Empty Waves 无浪 Samsara Spellblade The First Spellblade Jiang Botao Divine Chain
Flying Drops 沾衣乱飞 Tiny Herb (Former)
Grappler The First Grappler (Former) Li Yihui (Former)
Life Extinguisher 生灵灭 Thunderclap
Excellent Era (Former)
Mechanic The First Mechanic Xiao Shiqin Flashing Shadow
Scene Killer 风景杀 301 Degrees Assassin The First Assassin Yang Cong Dancing Shadow
Windy Rain 风城烟雨 Misty Rain Elementalist The First Elementalist Chu Yunxiu Ravaging Wind



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